Month: June 2019

Why Laughter Is A Good Medicine ?

Why laughter is a good medicine? – More We Read About, More We Like, More We Laughter… Developing good sense of humor and laughing frequently brings joy and has proven to have mental, physical and…

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shschesterfieldcountyva 28 Jun 2019

BIG NEWS from Seniors Helping Seniors

We’ve had a lot going on in the background of Seniors Helping Seniors, and we’re ready to share our big news with you! Drumroll please… We are expanding! Seniors Helping Seniors Chesterfield is changing its…

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Seniors Helping Seniors is a Wonderful Concept.

“This is a wonderful concept. Many older people are able to help others, and staying active and being useful is a win/win for them too!”

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Is a Heart Murmur Serious?

When a doctor says that your older family member has a heart murmur, it can be concerning. Especially if you don’t know much about what that means. A heart murmur is an abnormal sound in…

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A Fathers Love Is Special

Let’s celebrate our Fathers everyday and thanks for the unconditional support. Congratulations for this special day.

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What’s Keeping You from Self-care?

Too many caregivers don’t engage in proper self-care and it can do some serious harm to them in the process. If you’re noticing that you’re a bit light on the self-care yourself, you still have…

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Home Care Still a Viable Option for Senior Housing

The Senior Housing costs will be priced for more than 50% mid-income older adults by 2029; the good news is that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid announced supplemental in home care resources under Medicare Advantage…

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Four Tips to Make Getting Dressed Easier on Your Senior

Depending on your senior’s health and abilities, getting dressed each day might be something that she dreads. Whether it’s painful or just takes a long time for her to do, she can easily wind up…

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