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Seniors Helping Seniors® 14 Mar 2024

Marriage for the Young at Heart

Guest article from Sharon Wagner “Fairytales can come true, they can happen to you,” says that classic song made famous by Frank Sinatra. Getting married when you may be young at heart but not in…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 27 Sep 2023

Building Bonds: 3 Seniors Helping Seniors® Ways To Make Friends In Your Golden Years

Join The Club! Nowadays, there’s a social club for everything! These groups exist for anything your heart desires–golfing, reading books, bird watching, painting, exercise classes, lunch groups, outings, shopping, sewing–the list goes on! Whether you…

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Top Seven Benefits of Companion Care (CC) for an Elderly Person – Revised CHATGPT perspective.

Top Seven benefits of Companion Care (CC) for an elderly person – Revised CHATGPT perspective. Companionship: One of the most obvious benefits of CC for elderly individuals is the companionship it provides. Many seniors experience…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 04 Sep 2023

Make the Most of Healthy Aging Month!

What’s New? If you enjoy traditional live country music, the Ypsilanti Community Center promotes a weekly event, whereas about ten “seniors’ musicians” get together to play and sing. It was fun to join Ed and…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 18 Aug 2023

The Kinless Populaion – A Health Care Challenge

Picture from NY times Projections published by indicate that “kinlessness” will increase greatly as the population cohorts behind the baby boom age. The growing of the kinless” population calls for simplified ways to provide health care….

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 02 Aug 2023

Newsletter August 2023 – Spark A Spirit of Kindness

What’s New? Thank you, University of Michigan School of Nursing for the opportunity to be part of and contribute for the research to understand the experience of home care workers. Our caregivers enjoyed the interviews….

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 24 Jul 2023

Finding a Balance between Caregiving Responsibilities and Personal Lives – a CHATGPT perspective

Seniors caregivers very often face the challenge of finding a balance between their caregiving responsibilities and their personal lives. Here are some tips for achieving a perspective life balance: 1. Prioritize self-care: Taking care of…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 11 Jul 2023

Most Common Pickle Ball Injuries among Seniors – A “ChatGPT” perspective

photo curtesy – “” “Pickleball is a popular sport among seniors in Michigan, but like any physical activity, it carries the risk of injuries. While pickleball is generally considered a low-impact sport, there are still…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 05 Jul 2023

SHS Newsletter July 2023 – Step into Self-Care

It was fun to attend and support the Seventh Annual “Grievewell Kite Festival” at Lilly Park. The event was mainly sponsored by Grievewell, a non-profit organization in Washtenaw County MI, among other organizations. This was…

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