Category: Nutrition and Seniors

Learn How to Increase Seafood Intake Without Risking Mercury Poisoning

Lean proteins are an important part of an adult’s diet. For years, people heard warnings of mercury in fish. If your parents would like to enjoy seafood more often, it helps to learn how to…

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Does Your Parent Show These Signs of Not Eating Well?

There are many things that can interfere with an older adult’s ability to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Some older adults lack the ability to cook or have a disability that makes cooking dangerous or…

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Celebrating National Bake & Decorate Month

Marcia used to love to bake. She was known for the elaborate birthday cakes she created for her children when they were young. She had even been asked to make a few wedding cakes in…

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Enjoying a Healthy Meal with Your Senior on National Pasta Day

October 25th is National Pasta Day. Pasta is a tried-and-true family favorite, and a convenient option many families reach for as a part of dinner several times a month. Pasta is easy to prepare and…

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