Dianne Collins, Best Caregiver 2020 #2

shschicagometro 04 Dec 2020

Diane Collins Best Caregiver 2020

Best Caregiver 2020

Dianne Collins is a native Chicagoan. She started in home health when she was eighteen and it has been her vocation ever since. “For me it is all about empathy, being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is essential,” says Dianne.

After Dianne finished her Certified Nurses Aid training, she started working for Misericordia, a campus that cares for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. “I was fortunate to learn and experience so much in the amazing ten and a half years I worked there. Now with Seniors Helping Seniors®, I use all that training to help me with the seniors in my care.” Dianne says she feels lucky to have worked with so many remarkable people during her career as a caregiver.

“Dianne was referred to Seniors Helping Seniors® by a friend that thought she would be a great fit for a caregiver position. She has been a tremendous help to me during COVID”, says Sylvie Hutchings owner of Seniors Helping Seniors® Chicago Metro. “Dianne did not take one day off, instead she covered her shifts and shifts of other caregivers who decided to retire or step down due to their health.”

Dianne has three receivers she cares for downtown and she fearlessly went downtown during the riots to take care of them. She recently lost several receivers she was providing end-of-life care for. Dianne was with them to the end of their journey and supported the family. Her receivers love her, and she loves them. That is why she is the Best Caregiver 2020.

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