How Can You Maintain Open Lines of Communication with Your Aging Parent’s Elder Care Provider?

Elder Care in Ralston NE

Elder Care in Ralston NEIf you are considering starting an elder care arrangement for your aging parent, it is important that you remember that this care provider is not just coming into your parent’s life, but into yours as well. You will also need to think about the relationship that you will build with them and how you will maintain this relationship so that your aging parent can get the absolute most out of the care services that the elderly home care services provider offers to them. One of the most important ways that you can do this is by maintaining open lines of communication with them throughout the course of the care.

Use these tip to help you establish and maintain open lines of communication with an elder care provider caring for your loved one:

• Be there at the beginning. Make an effort to be there on the first day that the elderly home care services provider is caring for your aging parent. This is another opportunity for you to re-introduce yourself and show your engagement in this care relationship. Let them know that you are available for them to talk to whenever they may need to and express your interest in being involved in the care experience as much as possible.

• Offer many different lines of communication. While talking in person is usually the most personal way to communicate, it is not always possible or practical. Make it as easy and non-confrontational as possible for this care provider to communicate with you by offering as many forms of communication as possible. Give them your personal phone number, your work phone number, your email address, and even your social media contacts if you are comfortable with this. This ensures that they can reach out to you in the way that is best for the situation.

• Check in with them. Do not always expect that the care provider will come to you if they want to talk to you, or that they will always think that something is important enough to talk to you about. Make it a practice to check in with them regularly so that these conversations are started for them. Consider choosing a day of the week as your regular check-in day and setting aside some time to talk with the care provider about how your parent is doing, how the care approach you designed is working out, and if there is anything new that the care provider thinks that you should know about. Mention anything that you have noticed or any questions that you have. This will let them feel comfortable and open talking to you without worrying that they are taking up your time or bothering you.
• Acknowledge them. This care provider can make a major difference in your parent’s life, but can also truly impact your life as well. Make sure that you always take the time to acknowledge them when you come into the home, that they know the names of the family members, and that you interact with them on a friendly, professional level so that they feel more comfortable reaching out to you to talk about any issues that might arise.

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