Marriage for the Young at Heart

Seniors Helping Seniors® 14 Mar 2024

Guest article from Sharon Wagner

“Fairytales can come true, they can happen to you,” says that classic song made famous by Frank Sinatra. Getting married when you may be young at heart but not in years means the next
chapters of your life will be ones of love, companionship, new and exciting adventures, and planning. Today, Seniors Helping Seniors shares some tips that can help make this new chapter

Nurturing Emotional Bonds
For newly married older adults, deepening emotional intimacy is a critical aspect of their relationship. It involves sharing their deepest fears, hopes, and dreams with each other, fostering a safe and supportive environment. This level of openness encourages a stronger
emotional connection, making their partnership more resilient and understanding, which is particularly important as they navigate the complexities of life at an older age.

Additionally, embracing vulnerability plays a pivotal role in enhancing the romantic dynamics
between newly married older adults. Allowing oneself to be vulnerable, by sharing personal  stories, insecurities, and even moments of uncertainty, can significantly bolster trust and empathy within the relationship. This mutual vulnerability acts as a bridge, connecting partners on a deeper emotional level, facilitating a stronger, more intimate bond that is vital for sustaining love and companionship in later years.

Furthermore, engaging in mutual self-discovery is an enriching process for couples in this stage
of life. As they embark on this journey together, they have the unique opportunity to rediscover
their own selves through the lens of their partnership. This can involve exploring new hobbies,
interests, or even aspects of their personalities that were previously untapped. Through this
shared exploration, they not only enrich their own lives but also bring new energy and
excitement into their relationship, keeping the flame of romance and mutual growth alive.

Prioritizing Intimacy and Affection
Maintaining a physical connection is an important romantic consideration for newly married
older adults. This encompasses more than just sexual intimacy; it includes everyday gestures of
affection like holding hands, hugs, and tender touches. These acts of love and affection are vital
for sustaining a sense of closeness and romance, reminding each other of their deep
connection and mutual desire, regardless of age.

Beyond the realm of physical touch, creating a space for emotional support and understanding
is equally crucial in maintaining a romantic connection among newly married older adults. This
involves being there for one another during times of emotional need, offering a listening ear
without judgment, and providing comfort and reassurance through life’s ups and downs. Such a
nurturing environment not only strengthens the bonds of love but also fosters a sense of
security and belonging, making the relationship a safe haven for both partners to express their
vulnerabilities and support each other’s emotional well-being.

Unromantic Considerations
Tax benefits and penalties may be a key consideration to whether or not you want to formally tie
the knot. If both partners are high earners, there can be some drawbacks tax-wise in filing as a
married couple. But if there is a big disparity in incomes, it might be advantageous to do so.

The Tax Policy Center advises couples first, create a “proforma” return in advance to get an
accurate picture of what their filing status will look like. With many same-sex couples now
having the opportunity to marry, those tax considerations may put a small damper on what
would normally be a cause for celebration. But, the opportunities that come with being legally
wed will probably outweigh any possible negative tax outcome.

Also, if you’re going to be buying one home while selling another, there are some additional
concerns to bear in mind. One example is analyzing the pros and cons of doing these
simultaneously, as well as planning in advance (perhaps by renting a storage unit) to help you reduce stress and streamline the overall process. Be sure that your house is staged for success during open houses. You’ll want to execute the transition quickly.

Long-term care is another issue that should be considered before marriage, since one or the
other spouse may end up incurring the expenses of the other’s care. Be sure and speak with an
estate planner if you both own property to help you come up with the best solution for any
circumstances the future may hold.

Also, to get an idea of what you can expect to pay for a nursing home, for example, make use of
online directories. You can also get a sense of how these facilities operate by reading reviews,
checking ratings, and, eventually, scheduling a tour so you see things first-hand.

Wills must be re-drawn so that previous benefactors, like children and grandchildren, will still be
able to inherit those assets they were due to receive before the marriage while still making
allowances for the new spouse. recommends hiring an estate planning lawyer
as soon as possible to leave nothing to chance.

Starting a Business Together
Many retired newlyweds dream of beginning a business together, like a B&B, a cafe, or even
their own small farm. The business part of starting a new business can seem daunting if you’ve
never done it before, but it’s not that complicated if you follow helpful guides online.
Step one will be deciding on how to structure the new business that benefits you both
financially. A limited liability company may be your best bet, and it’s easy to form an LLC with
the help of a formation company. They’ll help you file online quickly and easily. Keep in mind
that the tax treatment of an LLC can vary depending on how it chooses to be taxed at the
federal level in the United States. Go online to find the lowest LLC taxes by state.

Here are the basics of LLC taxes:

  • Pass-through taxation: By default, LLCs are considered pass-through entities for tax
    purposes. This means that the income generated by the LLC is not taxed at the entity
    level. Instead, the profits and losses “pass through” to the individual members of the
    LLC, who report this income on their personal tax returns.
  • Member’s share of income: Each member of an LLC is allocated a share of the
    company’s profits and losses based on the terms outlined in the LLCs operating
    agreement. This allocation determines how much income or loss each member will
    report on their personal tax return.
  • Self-employment tax: Members of an LLC who actively participate in the business may
    be subject to self-employment tax on their share of the company’s profits. This tax
    covers Social Security and Medicare contributions. However, if the LLC elects to be
    taxed as a corporation, members may be able to avoid self-employment tax on some of
    their income.
  • State Taxes: In addition to federal taxes, LLCs are subject to state and local taxes, which can vary significantly depending on the state where the LLC is registered and operates. Some states have income taxes, while others do not. State tax regulations also impact the treatment of LLCs, so it’s important to understand the specific rules in your state.
  • Tax Deductions: LLCs can often deduct various business expenses, such as operating costs, rent, utilities, and salaries, to reduce their taxable income. These deductions can help lower the overall tax liability for the LLC and its members.

Next, you’ll need to think of a great name that says who you are in a clever, easy-to-remember
way. Then, create a business plan mapping out marketing strategies, finances, and day-to-day

You can hire a business plan writer or find a ready-made template that will walk you through the
process. Be sure to invest time in quality content in your outreach efforts. Content marketing
involves creating and sharing content online, whether via blog posts or updates to your social
media accounts, which drives interest in your product or service and enhances your network
and brand.

Home Enough for Two (and Maybe Three, with a Pet)
Your new home will probably be a combination of things that mean a lot to each of you from
your former lives and pieces that are unique to the two of you as a couple. It’s important to be
sensitive to those things you may not find all that aesthetically pleasing, but that hold fond
memories for your new spouse. If possible, create separate spaces in your new home for each
of you to spend alone time for those moments when living together 24/7 can be too much of a
good thing.

Also, consider getting a pet together. This could be your new baby, the new addition to your
family! Whether you choose to adopt your new furry family member or one is being gifted, be
sure your home is prepared with quality items like water and food bowls, training crates, beds,
and toys. Go online to check out product reviews and expert pet care advice from vets to get

Connect with New and Old Friends
Socializing and meeting new people, especially for couples, can be an enriching experience that
strengthens relationships and expands social networks. One effective way to meet new people
is by engaging in community activities or classes that align with your interests, such as cooking
classes, book clubs, or sports leagues.

Couples can also explore local events or meet-ups tailored to specific hobbies or lifestyles,
fostering connections with those who share similar passions. Additionally, volunteering for causes you care about can not only contribute positively to your community but also connect you with like-minded individuals and couples.

For those who are not active on social media, reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances
can be a great way to expand your social circle, particularly if you live in or near Detroit. A
simple method is to use a search engine to find these individuals.

By entering specific details such as a person’s name, their graduation date, and the school they
attended, you can quickly access a list of potential contacts. This approach allows you to reach
out and rekindle friendships with those you may have lost touch with over the years, providing
opportunities to renew these connections and perhaps even introduce your partners to each

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