Running Errands

Seniors Helping Seniors® 27 Jun 2024

We regularly assist with errands, whether its grocery shopping or picking up a prescription from the pharmacy. Our mature & sophisticated caregivers can also help with more complex errands, like navigating the airport.


Do the caregivers take clients with them or run errands on their own?

It’s up to the client. Caregivers and clients typically run errands together, but clients are welcome to have caregivers pick things up for them as well.

How do caregivers and clients run errands?

All caregivers have their own car and can drive clients as needed.

Are caregivers safe drivers?

Yes. As part of our screening process, we check every caregiver’s driving record. Applicants without a satisfactory driving history are not offered employment.

Is there an additional fee for driving?

Yes. Caregivers are reimbursed for mileage incurred while working with clients. The reimbursement rate is set by the IRS.

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