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Seniors Helping Seniors® 03 Jul 2024

Companionship & Socialization

Companionship & socialization provides seniors with engagement and social interaction that helps retain their independence and improve their quality of life. Seniors Helping Seniors® Bethesda excels at providing high-level companionship alongside high-quality care, which makes…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 01 Jul 2024

Medication Reminders

Caregivers can provide verbal prompts to remind clients to take their medication. FAQs What if they refuse to take their medication when reminded? Hopefully this won’t happen. If it does, we will document that medication…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 30 Jun 2024

Memory, Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

Dementia care involves the use of prompts and cues to drive behavior for people with dementia. Seniors Helping Seniors® Bethesda excels at caring for people with early-to-moderate dementia – our emphasis on companionship translates to…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 29 Jun 2024

Personal Care & Daily Living Assistance

Many seniors need support with daily activities concerning their hygiene and wellness. Our caregivers can provide this type of assistance in a respectful and friendly manner. FAQs What is personal care & daily living assistance?…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 28 Jun 2024

Respite Care

Respite care entails care that provides a primary caregiver (usually a family member) relief and respite from their caregiving responsibilities. Whether it’s a few hours or a whole day – its important to make time…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 27 Jun 2024

Running Errands

We regularly assist with errands, whether its grocery shopping or picking up a prescription from the pharmacy. Our mature & sophisticated caregivers can also help with more complex errands, like navigating the airport. FAQs Do…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 26 Jun 2024

Seniors Helping Seniors® Bethesda Participated in “Purposeful Living” Event

Seniors Helping Seniors® Bethesda participated in a great Purposeful Living Event yesterday! The event was done in partnership with the National Institute on Aging. The event contained lots of great information about how people can…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 24 Jun 2024

Transportation to Appointments, Events, & Outings

All of our caregivers have their own car and can drive clients as needed. Caregivers can safely drive clients to and from physician appointments and rehabilitation appointments as well as other appointments and errands. FAQs…

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Seniors Helping Seniors® 23 Jun 2024

Specialized Care

We develop customized care plans for every client. Our nurses work with clients and their families, and can create specialized plans to address specific issues, such post-hospitalization recovery, Parkinson’s, Cancer, COPD, heart problems, sight impairment…

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