Embrace Change!

Author, Rosemary Barton Co-Owner, Seniors Helping Seniors

Changes Ahead?

As we grow older, we think about how our lives will change in our senior years. Some embrace it and plan for the upcoming changes. Many put off planning, sometimes living in a house they can no longer care for or afford, often far away from family.  

Three years ago, my husband and I began having health issues. We were living beachside with a minimum thirty-minute ride to the closest hospital. It got us thinking. Maybe we should be closer to medical assistance and shopping.  Our house didn’t have the safety features included with senior housing and the worry of dealing with hurricanes led us to consider changes.  

Change can be hard…but necessary.

The thought of leaving the beach wasn’t easy. The work it would take to move out of a home we had occupied for 20 years was daunting. We decided to look and see what was out there. We noticed a 55+ gated community and decided to stop in. It turned out to be a beautiful spot, a peaceful oasis that was right in the middle of everything. Medical facilities, shopping, services, and entertainment were nearby. The homes included all the senior safety features, the community had a beautiful clubhouse and pool, and they even do the yard work.  

Facing change head-on pays off.

After much deliberation, we made the decision to build a new home. We have been here almost 3 years and have never been sorry we made the move. Not only did we end up with a lovely new home but with the best neighbors we could ever ask for. Best of all, we are close to both our daughters. 

The moral of our story is, don’t be afraid to embrace change. If your family lives a long distance from you, consider moving closer to them. Having your family to call on is so much easier than trying to do everything yourself. If you don’t have children, move into senior living where you’ll have people near you and activities to keep you busy. Our senior years don’t need to be lonely and boring, go for it! 

Rosemary’s article was featured in the Helping Seniors of Brevard Newsletter, conveniently located in the middle of Senior Scene Magazine.

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