Seniors Encouraged to Age Out Loud

May 2017 Article

Helping Seniors of Brevard Newsletter

May is Older American’s Month. This year’s theme is “Age Out Loud.” It’s a nod to the changing attitudes about aging in America and the need for our voices to be heard.

While AARP membership starts at 50, a 2010 survey of Baby Boomers said that the term Senior Citizen didn’t describe them. Boomers thought a senior was someone between 78 and 80. I know an 84 year old that would debate that! She is an extremely healthy and vibrant part of our Seniors Helping Seniors family. She has a positive impact on everyone she works with. Her voice that of an “older American,” is one of hope and concern. Living in Palm Bay, she understands the challenges of seniors in the area regarding transportation, the availability of Meals on Wheels, and the lack of knowledge about resources available in our county. She advocates with us for those she cares for, the perfect example of aging out loud.

It is time for all “older Americans” to advocate for themselves. We need to encourage our federal, state, and local government leaders to continue to fund programs for seniors and to keep senior issues in the forefront. We also need to encourage one another. A number does not make you old. Stay active, engage the community around you; we will all be richer for it. If you would like a way to stay active and give back, consider working with us here at Seniors Helping Seniors. We are specifically looking for folks in the Rockledge, Cocoa, and Cape Canaveral areas that would like to work part-time. Please give the office a call at 321-722-2999.



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