Tips for Helping Your Senior Quit Smoking on World No Tobacco Day

Home Care in Springfield NE: Tips for Helping Your Senior Quit Smoking on World No Tobacco Day

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day. As a family caregiver, this is the ideal opportunity for you to take efforts to help your senior quit smoking so that they can protect their health as they age in place. Smoking is one of the most dangerous lifestyle choices that your senior can make, increasing the risk for death from all causes and diminishing their quality of life. Stopping smoking can be very challenging for your senior, but with your support and encouragement, they can end this habit and resume a healthier way of life for their later years.

Use these tips to help your senior as they work toward quitting smoking on World No Tobacco Day and throughout the rest of your care journey with them:

• Help them understand the risks. Many elderly people still remember a time when smoking was not considered a health risk and in some situations there was even advertising that suggested smoking to support health. Take the time to talk about this with your parent so that they can understand the risks and why it is important to you, and to them, that they quit smoking.

• Work with their doctor. Quitting smoking is a major change and can put a strain on your parent’s mental and emotional, and even physical, health. Work with their doctor to find the healthiest and most effective way to stop their habit.

• Encourage them. This can be a very difficult time for your parent and you want them to feel as though they are supported in what they are doing. Make effort to be there for them and show them encouragement. Do not shame them or pressure them, but celebrate their successes and help them to find alternatives if their efforts are not working effectively.

If you are concerned about your aging loved one’s health, want to improve their quality of life, or simply believe that they would benefit from greater diversification of care, starting home care for them may be the ideal solution. An in-home senior care services provider can be with your elderly loved one on a customized schedule that is right for them. This means that whether your parent is in need of extensive care or would just benefit from some simple assistance with basic tasks, they will have access to the care, support, and encouragement that they need, when they need it. This customization also ensures that you are able to remain at the forefront of their care routine, giving them the care that you are able to according to your schedule and your own personal limitations and needs. As a family caregiver this can give you tremendous peace of mind knowing that your parent is getting everything that they need both when you are able to be with them and when you are not. When it comes to helping your senior handle health issues such as smoking, this care provider can be an invaluable source of support. By offering reminders so that your parent can remain compliant with their doctor’s guidelines, and encouraging your parent to make good lifestyle choices, this care provider can help them to manage their health and well-being as they age in place.


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