Alma Gray, Best Caregiver 2020 #3

shschicagometro 21 Dec 2020

Alma Gray Best Caregiver 2020

Alma Gray has been with Seniors Helping Seniors® Chicago Metro for the past year.  She came to us as a retired Certified Nursing Assistant who wanted to keep working during her retirement.  Alma has not let her age slow her down.

Alma Gray & Mr. Love

Alma lost her daughter a year ago from cancer. Alma was her main caregiver and lived in the apartment above her daughter. She helped her every day. And when her daughter went into the hospital, Alma would spend her nights with her daughter at the hospital and go to her job helping a WWII widow during the day.  Alma now spends her spare time helping with her grandchildren.

During the pandemic, Alma kept one receiver, Mr. Love. And she has helped a bedbound receiver a few times at the last minute.  Alma is always glad to help. She loves helping the receivers and that is why she is a “best caregiver”!!

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