Beatrice White – Tougher than 2020

shschicagometro 02 Nov 2020

 Tougher ThanBeatrice White - Tougher than 2020

Beatrice White is Tougher than 2020!

Beatrice is an extraordinary caregiver who works with our franchise partner Sylvie Hutchings (IL).

Here is what Sylvie wrote about Beatrice:

Beatrice was my first caregiver back in 2015. She had been taking care of children, raising three sons, and helping with her four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Now she wanted to help seniors.

Early on she cared for a gentleman in his 60s battling cancer, an end-of-life case. Beatrice and this receiver developed a strong bond. Beatrice gave him the comfort and love he needed. He would tell me how much he was thankful for Beatrice. He knew she was a special person.

After working as a provider for me for over three years, she wanted to be more involved with Seniors Helping Seniors®. She is now a Supervisor/Office Manager. She assists with the hiring and onboarding process, including conducting orientation. She spends most of her time scheduling. I always get great feedback from our caregivers and receivers about her.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been her shining moment!  Despite battling some medical issues of her own, but she has not missed a day of work. She covers for other caregivers when needed. She has been a source of strength, determination, and wisdom for our community.

She just recently purchased an SUV. At 84, she is not stopping! 

Beatrice once called 2020 ‘a monster’.  But she has tamed the beast.

Thank you, Sylvie, for sharing this story with us.

Beatrice, thank you for all you do for seniors, and for being Tougher than 2020.

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