Fun For Everyone! Celebrate National Game & Puzzle Week


Playing games and solving puzzles might not feel like a serious brain workout, but these activities are some of the best ways to improve cognitive well-being. Even better – they are a wonderful way to engage with family and friends! National Game and Puzzle Week are celebrated the last week in November, and what better time for Seniors Helping Seniors® care receivers in on the fun?!

Below, we talk about a few different types of games and puzzles that are sure to get participants thinking, strategizing, and in some cases, moving. Not sure which game will hit the spot? Try a few! You or your senior family member can tap into a slew of mental and social benefits with any or all the following games and puzzles.

Get In The Game!

Games come in tons of different varieties – there is truly something that everyone can enjoy! Whether you or your family member love outsmarting an opponent, working as a team to reach a goal, or are simply searching for a lively icebreaker to play with friends, family, and a Seniors Helping Seniors® caregiver, one of the following suggestions is sure to do the trick.

Tabletop Games

Board games and card games cover numerous topics and skill levels. That is why they are one of our favorite ways to get into the competitive spirit. Here are a few other reasons they are a go-to on game night:

  • Individuals with mobility issues can easily participate since tabletop games do not typically require a lot of movement to play.
  • Many are suitable for elementary-aged children to seniors, so there are plenty of games that friends and family of all ages can enjoy together.
  • The strategy behind games like chess and poker is often passed down from generation to generation, making them a great way to connect with grandchildren.

Video Games

It may sound strange to include video games as a fun activity for seniors, but they are an excellent way to stimulate the mind and body by helping to improve coordination and critical thinking skills. If you or a senior loved one are looking to get the blood pumping, video games that encourage you to act out movements to complete a goal are a perfect choice. For example, these games allow players to compete in sporting competitions, play an instrument as a part of a band, or learn a new dance right in the living room.

Digital Games

We are all familiar with the saying: “There’s an app for that!” Digital games are no exception. Our favorite part? You do not have to live in the same area to challenge a friend or family member to a round. Phone and computer games allow us to connect with players from around the world – all from the best seat in the living room.

Our caregivers love helping those we serve to learn new skills and adapt to technology, especially when these technologies help our clients stay connected with loved ones. Our in-home services focus on Aging Reimagined®. Ask a Seniors Helping Seniors® caregiver to help you or a loved one download a digital game and get the competition started!

Puzzles For Peak Performance

Like games, puzzles are fun for all ages and carry with them some rewarding benefits. They promote concentration, increase brain function, and can be a pleasurable way to stay engaged during the cool and dreary fall and winter months.

Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent way to work the mind. With choices ranging from those with dozens of pieces to thousands, there is an option for every skill level. Not to mention, every scene imaginable is available in puzzle form, so when the work is done, you or a senior loved one will be left with a stunning image to enjoy!

“Brain” games like Sudoku, crosswords, word searches, and matching games require players to solve a puzzle as well, using strategy and critical thinking. On the days that you or an aging family member are looking for a fun and challenging solo activity, brain games are an excellent option.

Finding ways to gather with family and friends once cookouts and long spring and summer evenings end can be tough. Planning a monthly game night is an excellent way to keep the fun going over the fall and winter seasons.

Our caregivers are happy to help, from finding a few fun and appropriate games to making appetizers for the whole gang to share on game night. So, get your game face on, gather the crew, and start an exciting new fall tradition!

Senior home care services to elderly residents throughout the Chicago area is just one beneficial aspect of our services. All of our helpers are also seniors themselves. They have a warmth and understanding that comes from experience and wisdom gained over the years. They are all loving, caring compassionate people who bring joy and companionship to everyone with whom they work. That’s why our seniors often become life-long friends with those who receive our services.

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