Helpful Tips and Resources for Senior Living Situations

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Helpful Tips & Resources for Senior Living Situations

Are you or someone close to you considering senior living situations like moving into a retirement community or assisted living facility?  If so, you may have some unique concerns about how to stay safe and secure, particularly during a global pandemic. While there is a sea of information available online to address just about any question or concern you may have, navigating your way through those resources can be a hassle.

To help out, we created this comprehensive list of some of the most helpful and commonly searched for resources related to senior living situations. From avoiding bad care to avoiding boredom, here’s what you should know.

Choosing the Right Facility for You

When it comes to choosing a retirement home or similar situation, it is best to plan ahead.  Waiting until you or your loved ones are in immediate need adds pressure to a situation that can be very stressful at the best of times.  Keep these suggestions in mind when choosing the facility that best meets your needs.

  • First things first: be sure you understand the types of care available to seniors.
  • Next, determine which features and amenities are offered at each facility you are considering.
  • Be sure you understand the inspection process for nursing homes and retirement facilities.
  • To help choose the most desirable retirement or nursing home, check out available reviews.

 Addressing Financial Concerns Related to Senior Care

 One of the most important factors in choosing between senior care options is the cost.  These resources will help you figure out how to pay for your retirement community.

  • Understanding what Medicare and Medicaid pay for is crucial to financial planning for older people.
  • In many cases, assisted living is more affordable and appropriate for seniors who are still relatively independent and in fairly good health.
  • When selling your home to cover care costs, start with a home appraisal estimator to give you an idea of its potential worth.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC) is something to consider as part of your retirement planning.
  • If leaving an estate to loved ones is a major consideration, seniors must consider the ways to protect assets from being seized to pay for long-term care.

 Avoiding Health Risks in a Shared Community

 The COVID-19 outbreak has made most people, especially older people, focus on cleanliness and safety, especially when living in close proximity to others. These helpful resources will keep you safe:

  • Being aware of the major health concerns of seniors is the first step toward staying safe in a communal environment.
  • Although there are risks associated with living with others in close quarters, community living offers some important health benefits to seniors.
  • No matter what your living arrangements turn out to be and regardless of how long COVID-19 remains a major health threat, it is always a good idea to keep a stash of hand sanitizer and cleaning products.

As we come to terms with the challenges associated with aging, we must remember that there are ways to make transitioning into a retirement or assisted living community easier and more beneficial to everyone involved. Keep these resources nearby, as they will definitely come in handy when the time comes to make arrangements for yourself or a family member.

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