Hobbies For Winter Days

shschicagometro 06 Jan 2022

With chillier months upon us here in Chicago, it can be tough to stay motivated. After all, the sun sets before dinnertime these days! So at Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services, we asked our caregivers to share some of their favorite hobbies to bide the time during duller, winter days. Check them out and give them a try!


This blog isn’t long enough to cover all the benefits of walking, so we’ll cover a few high points. The act of putting one foot in front of the other – mentally and physically – can be one of the best ways to stay sharp with age.

A simple, daily stroll around the neighborhood can improve heart health, boost the immune system, enhance cognition, and strengthen bones, muscles, and joints. Still, we understand outdoor walks aren’t always an option. Don’t worry, there are plenty of alternatives:

  • Use a walking treadmill at the house or a gym
  • Head to the mall for some walking and window shopping
  • Utilize your local community or senior center

The key is to take it in stride and go at your own pace. It’s even better when you share the walking experience with a friend. Great conversation combined with exercise? Sign us up!


Seniors have so many rich memories from the past. Creating a scrapbook is the perfect way to preserve these cherished stories! Scrapbooking will transport you back to those vivid moments, while also fostering your creative side.

There are no rules as to the number of anecdotes, pictures, and decorative flairs you include in your book. As long as it serves as a prompt for meaningful recollections. Invite younger family members to share in this activity. What better way to pass on important family traditions than by reliving them with a loved one? And don’t be shy – our Seniors Helping Seniors® caregivers love learning more about their companions too! What a perfect opportunity to show them your life through these metaphorical pages of time.

Start Collecting

With the advent of technology and relative ease of surfing the web, now is a great time to start scouring for collectibles. Places like eBay or your local Facebook Marketplace are full of vintage items that may churn up memories from yesteryear. Antiques, furniture, old magazines, or musical instruments are all fair game and at the tip of your online fingertips!

For the less tech-savvy, our Seniors Helping Seniors® caregivers would love to help you build your collection! In most communities, antiquity stores abound. It’s the perfect day trip!


Let’s face it, television is no substitute for a great book. When you find a page-turner, it’s nearly impossible to put it down! It makes sense that we gravitate toward this captivating hobby.

Reading promotes cognitive function, improves your mood, and opens up new worlds. If you enjoy reading but also crave social interaction, why not find a local senior book club or start one of your own among friends? After all, discussing the stories and hearing others’ insights always puts life into a fresh perspective.

Of course, the activities our Seniors Helping Seniors® caregivers listed are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other ways to keep your days bright… even when the sun doesn’t want to cooperate. This New Year, share your favorite pastime with us, and let’s dive in together on a hobby that speaks to your heart!

Offering senior care and senior home care services to elderly residents throughout the Chicago area is just one beneficial aspect of our services. All of our helpers are also seniors themselves. They have a warmth and understanding that comes from experience and wisdom gained over the years. They are all loving, caring compassionate people who bring joy and companionship to everyone with whom they work. That’s why our seniors often become life-long friends with those who receive our services.

If you are a senior that would like to offer assistance helping other seniors through our program then we would like to talk to you. You can apply here: or call or text us at 312-526-3666.

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