How to Improve Your Quality of Life as You Age

shschicagometro 27 Apr 2021

How to Improve Your Quality of Life As you Age

Entering your golden years doesn’t mean that your health and well-being have to decline. Rather than resigning yourself to the assumption that you’ll struggle as you get older, you can take control of your mental and physical health and improve your quality of life. Read on for tips to stay healthy, happy, and fulfilled for years to come.

Get Out of the House Daily

Research cited by AGS shows that leaving your house at least once a day can promote longevity, especially after the age of 70. By getting out into the world, you’re increasing your level of physical activity, opportunities for social engagement, and mental stimulation — all great ways for seniors to stay happy and healthy and improve your quality of life. If you head out of the house to get some exercise and socialize, even better.

If you struggle with mobility and aren’t currently able to leave your home daily, don’t give up hope. You can recruit help from your community. Consider hiring a transport company that specializes in seniors’ needs, or talk to loved ones who may be able to help. Try not to feel guilty asking for assistance — you may find that friends and family members are more than happy to help you get out of the house and stay active.

Give Yourself a Job To Do

Some seniors report feeling lost or unneeded after they finish working. If you’re struggling to find meaningful activities or could use some extra income, consider starting a part-time home-based business. First, brainstorm ideas about what services you have to offer or products you can sell. Then, talk to a mentor or business-savvy friend to learn more about getting started.

Once you’re ready to start doing business, you’ll need to choose a business structure. A limited liability company (LLC) is a great choice because it gives you flexibility, very little paperwork, and tax advantages. You can easily register your LLC online through a formation service, but be sure to check your state’s regulations before moving forward if you attempt a DIY registration.

If you’re comfortably retired and not interested in returning to the workforce, giving yourself some sort of job to do is still a great idea. Consider starting a project or hobby – such as home renovation, gardening, or getting involved with a charity. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community while giving yourself a sense of purpose.

If you are a caregiver and would like to make a difference in the life of another senior, become a caregiver for Seniors Helping Seniors.

Embrace Positive Aging

As they say, growing old isn’t for the faint of heart. Aging has its challenges, but a positive attitude can prevent any obstacles from getting the upper hand. Per Harvard Health Publishing, research shows that a positive attitude can pay off in better health. Your outlook influences the outcome of many health issues, from heart disease and stroke to auto-immune disorders.

A positive attitude can also help you deal with doctors and health professionals who (let’s face it) often have ageist beliefs and offer overly negative prognoses to seniors. You don’t have to take dismissive attitudes, a lack of respect, or prejudice on board. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and call out people who say or do ageist things. Choose to view aging itself in a positive light and choose to view yourself in a loving way: as a capable and valuable member of society.

Healthy aging and a high quality of life aren’t just a matter of good luck. The daily choices you make and your attitude can determine whether you thrive or merely survive. By staying active in the community, finding meaningful daily activities, and cultivating a positive attitude, you can ensure that your golden years are truly golden.

Seniors Helping Seniors strives to ensure optimal quality of life for older adults. For information or assistance with everyday activities, insurance programs, caregiving resources, and much more, call 312-526-3666.

Article contributed by Annabelle Harris from Elder.Center.

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