How to Locate a Pet Friendly Senior Living in Chicago

Seniors Helping Seniors® 01 May 2023

Finding a pet-friendly senior living in Chicago does not have to be a daunting task. With proper research and support, finding an apartment or community that will welcome you and your furry family member can be relatively easy. This guide will provide helpful tips on locating a pet-friendly senior living in Chicago, from researching pet policies to finding a place that will accommodate your pup’s needs. With the proper planning, you can ensure that you and your furry companion will be comfortable and happy in your new home.

Researching pet policies

When it comes to researching pet-friendly senior living facilities in Chicago, there are numerous resources available. Start by looking into the local pet policies of different apartment complexes and communities. Most pet friendly senior living communities will have a pet policy on their website or application form outlining any restrictions for bringing pets into the facility. You can check out online reviews from current and former residents who can provide insight into how pet-friendly the facility is. This can give you an idea of which senior living communities are more welcoming to animals and which ones may have more strict regulations. Contact any senior living facilities in your area directly and inquire about their pet policies so you’re sure to have all the information. Doing your research in advance can go a long way toward making sure you choose the suitable pet-friendly senior living facility for you and your furry companion.

Visiting senior living communities

Once you’ve made a short list of potential pet-friendly senior living communities in Chicago, it’s time to start touring them so you can get a better sense of the neighbourhood. You may learn about the facility’s pet policies and whether they meet your needs and lifestyle. Please bring your pet along to watch how they respond to the environment while you’re there. This can help determine whether they would feel comfortable there. Ask about the staff’s experiences with pets and any exceptional amenities or services offered to pet owners. This will help you decide which environment suits you and your pet.

Look into rental assistance programs

Many cities and counties in the Chicago area offer rental assistance programs for low-income residents. These programs help cover some or all of the cost of rent for those who qualify. Into these programs to see if they’re eligible and if they could help with the cost of renting a pet-friendly senior living facility. Finding a reasonably priced and pet-friendly house might become a lot simpler as a result.

Pet friendly amenities

When searching for a pet-friendly senior living facility in Chicago, looking into the amenities is essential. Many communities offer special perks for pet owners, such as designated walking paths and areas where animals can exercise or socialize with other pets. Some facilities even have on-site groomers and pet sitters who can help make sure your pup is taken care of when you’re away. If the facility doesn’t have specific pet amenities, inquire about what other services and activities your pet could take advantage of.

Consider shared housing options

If you’re looking to keep costs down, several pet-friendly roommate and housemate services are available in the Chicago area. These might be excellent resources for discovering accommodations that allow pets and meet your budget. Before committing to any arrangement, ask your potential roommate or housemate if they’re comfortable with having a pet in the home and read through any policies they may have. You may discover the perfect senior living facility for you and your animal buddy with some planning and study.

Talk to representatives

Understanding the specific regulations for keeping an animal in a pet-friendly senior living facility is also essential. Before signing a lease, contact each facility you are considering and inquire about their rules for pets. Ask what types of animals are allowed and if any particular breeds or sizes are restricted. Find out if there is a size limit or any other restrictions on your number of pets. Knowing the exact regulations ahead of time can help ensure that your furry companion will be welcome in your new home.

Additional useful resources

Several other useful resources are available for finding a pet-friendly senior living facility in Chicago. The city of Chicago has an extensive list of rental assistance programs available to low-income individuals and families, which can help cover the cost of the rent. The Chicago Animal Care and Control Department offers various programs to help people find housing for their pets. The Humane Society of the United States also has a searchable database to help you locate nearby pet-friendly senior living facilities. Finally, the Chicago Tribune has a comprehensive guide to pet-friendly senior living facilities in the city, which includes information about different housing types and what amenities they offer.

With all these resources, you should have no trouble finding the perfect pet-friendly senior living facility in Chicago! Best of luck with your search!

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