Pointers to Brighten Your Mindset During Shorter Fall Days

shschicagometro 25 Oct 2021

Pointers to Brighten Your Mindset During Shorter Fall Days

At Seniors Helping Seniors® Chicago in-home services, we understand the emotional challenges that often arise with shorter fall days as the weather turns cooler and daylight dwindles here in northern Ohio. A lack of companionship, routine and support can only add to the sense of melancholy; 20-percent of Americans report feeling seasonal depression this time of year.

October is National Depression and Health Screening Month

As you know, Seniors Helping Seniors® caregivers love providing meaningful camaraderie. We hope you find this blog helpful, and it shines a light on ways to stay mentally invigorated in the coming months.

Keep Moving

Exercise is the perfect mood lifter, sparking a release of valuable endorphins for a total brain and body boost! The key is to team up with an accountability partner and stick to a schedule. Whether it’s an afternoon walk with your Seniors Helping Seniors® companion or a morning workout with a neighbor, turn exercise into a planned, social habit!

Stick With Your Passions!

Seasonal depression often results in the terrible side effect of indifference – a complete lack of interest in the things that usually excite you. Regardless, stay committed to these activities. Keep them as staples of your daily routine. It’s not an easy task, but it forces the brain to concentrate on the moment – helping stimulate new thoughts, observations, and feelings.


Meditation has been proven to sharpen the mind and improve emotional health. Many leverage the ancient technique to bring a sense of balance, peace, and calm to their lives. Even more, it can be practiced almost anywhere at any time. Meditative themes include:

  • Mindfulness: Directing all attention to the senses and feelings you’re experiencing at the moment.
  • Progressive Relaxation: Tightening and relaxing one muscle group at a time, while thinking calming thoughts – such as waves rolling through the body.
  • Visualization: Envisioning positive scenarios, images, and scenes.

Each of these methods is paired with a quiet setting and controlled breathing.

Seniors Helping Seniors

As we enter fall in northern Ohio, we look forward to plenty of wonderful traditions. Don’t let shorter days dictate your happiness. Let’s continue to thrive together, no matter the time of year!

At Seniors Helping Seniors® Chicago in-home services, we know the shift in season can be difficult. We’re here to tell you, you’re not alone! Call us at 312-526-3666 to learn more about our caregivers and to start service.

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