Tech Tips for Seniors

shschicagometro 08 Jan 2022

Technology can be daunting at times, but with a little practice with these tech tips for seniors, it can make independent living a joy!


E Readers

Features like well-lit screens, large print, and compact designs are a few of the things our Seniors Helping Seniors® care receivers love most about electronic reading devices. As a bonus, these gadgets have thousands of titles available at the touch of a finger – no trip to the bookstore required! If you or a senior loved one is an avid reader, this might be the perfect way to keep the digital pages turning all year round!

Photobook Apps

Photobook Apps

Digital pictures are convenient, but Seniors Helping Seniors® Chicago Metro knows there’s a special connection when flipping through a photo album with a loved one or friend. If you or a senior family member has a knack for capturing precious moments, a photobook app could be the perfect way to display these memories for all to enjoy. Simply search “photobook apps” on a smartphone or computer and you’ll find plenty of options.

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones

Gadgets and devices aren’t just for youngsters – they can improve the quality of life for people of all ages! For example, if you or a senior loved one are dealing with hearing loss (or just take entertainment very seriously!), a set of noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones help bring to life every sound and renew the joy of watching a good show. Some of the best benefits?

  • Bluetooth connectivity means there are no messy cords to hide away or untangle
  • Noise cancelling capabilities block outside sounds that can make it tough to hear clearly
  • Many models feature padded, swiveling ear cups for a snug and comfortable fit.

Smart Home Devices

Whether it’s for you or a senior loved one, bringing technology into a home is a wonderful way to facilitate an easier life. There is a range of devices that work with simple voice commands, making it ideal for individuals with vision, dexterity, or mobility issues. Here are a couple of Seniors Helping Seniors® suggestions on how to incorporate this technology for extra convenience and peace of mind.

Build a morning “routine” that will help set up for the day with one short voice command. This can include turning on lights and the TV, increasing the thermostat, giving medication and appointment reminders, and sharing need-to-know news and weather.

Use the device to discover recipes, create shopping lists, stream music, or call a friend without the hassle of fumbling with cell phones, remotes, or computers.

Online Meal Delivery

Whether you enjoy cooking at home or indulging in your favorite dish from a restaurant across town, there’s a growing number of online food delivery services that are reshaping the culinary experience. With a few quick clicks, you can save time and tame your hunger… all from the comforts of home! This includes kitchen-to-porch delivery of easy-prep meal kits, right down to house-made specialties from local eateries. A quick Internet search of “Online Meal Delivery” generally plates up dozens of service options, each ready to help you satisfy your cravings! So grab a fork and check it out!

Video Chatting Device

Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services know staying connected is essential for independent seniors. Video chatting is a great way for our care receivers to remain close with family and friends year-round. Still, some technology – like tiny smartphones and complicated apps – can become frustrating. If you’re searching for a video-chatting device that makes communications effortless while miles away, here are a few tips. Seek options with:

– A large video screen

– Excellent audio quality

– One-touch, simple features

– Quick access to contacts info

– Long battery life

VetAssist SmartCompanion

Veterans and their families may qualify for VetAssist SmartCompanion with no out-of-pocket costs. VetAssist SmartCompanion combines patented 24/7 voice-activated emergency response technology with the intelligence and entertainment of Alexa®. Their encrypted HIPAA compliant, secure network makes homes secure and safe for clients. With VetAssist SmartCompanion, bracelets and necklaces aren’t needed for advanced, around-the-clock security. Installation is simple. Plug and play. Their experts even walk you through each step. Best of all, your VA Aid and Attendance benefit will cover the cost of our VetAssist SmartCompanion.

Click here to learn more about the VetAssist SmartCompanion!

Do you know anyone that could use the SmartCompanion? Click here for a referral form and a SmartCompanion consultant will reach out to explain how you can maintain in-home independence with SmartCompanion.

Offering senior care and senior home care services to elderly residents throughout the Chicago area is just one beneficial aspect of our services. All of our helpers are also seniors themselves. They have a warmth and understanding that comes from experience and wisdom gained over the years. They are all loving, caring compassionate people who bring joy and companionship to everyone with whom they work. That’s why our seniors often become life-long friends with those who receive our services.

If you are a senior that would like to offer assistance helping other seniors through our program then Seniors Helping Seniors® would like to talk to you. Call or text us at 312-526-3666 to connect with us today.

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