Thoughts on the New Year

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Every new year brings with it a renewed desire to set objectives. Join me as we explore ways to go about it with intention and purpose to successfully meet your goals.

Welcome to The Senior circle, where we hope to inspire and help others by providing valuable relevant information related to caring for an elderly loved one. Hi, my name is Dawn Neely and I’ll be your host. Thank you for joining us.

WOW what a year! So in late 2019 and early 2020, just like every other year everyone was talking about resolutions. It feels a little different though this year. Resolutions are tough under normal circumstances not to mention after the last nine months that we’ve had during 2020. With that said though understanding your goals for 2021 is still important. I’ve tried plenty of ways to keep resolutions and lots of ways to even decide on those resolutions.

I have a collection of thoughts for you today all from folks that have found their paths to success and want to share ideas and suggestions about how to make this year one that you look back on and are proud of and grateful for having had the strength and the willpower to take it on with intent and purpose.

Many of you are familiar with the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and its author, Jack Canfield. He shares ideas for growth and self-improvement that I believe can be applied to this new year and really to any time. He suggests that each month for 30 days in a row, we commit to doing something new that we’ve thought about doing but haven’t done and see how it affects our life. Some ideas are starting to exercise for 30 minutes. Listen to only positive music. Don’t read the newspaper. Stop watching television. Eat only vegetarian or raw food. Verbally appreciate at least 10 people a day. Get eight hours of sleep. Meditate for 20 minutes. Visualize your goals as already completed. Do 20 minutes of yoga. Read a self-help book every morning for 30 minutes. Spend an hour with your spouse. Call one of your children on the phone. Write a handwritten thank you note to someone. Drink 10 glasses of water. Take a nap. Listen to motivational CDs on the way to work. That’s a very long list of things to choose from but obviously we aren’t going to do them all or at least not all at once. Start this month and do one activity for the next 30 days in a row, and then assess how it has impacted your life. I haven’t decided which of these many things I’ll do but I do intend on choosing something and trying it every day for 30 days.

An editor of the online publication, Success suggests writing letters to three people in your life, friends or family to let them know what they mean to you. I admit myself that connection with some that I love could definitely benefit from reaching out and doing so in writing adds a special touch. It could be as much as a letter to as little as a meaningful greeting card.

Author, speaker, entrepreneur and trainer, Niurka suggests that we increase our awareness of our thoughts by becoming aware of what leaves our mouth by recording everything we say for at least an hour each day for an entire month Words have power. When you listen carefully to your language you’ll know whether or not you’re moving with momentum and purpose toward your ultimate vision. As you develop an awareness of your communication you become empowered to purposefully choose language that inspires and empowers you to realize your vision. If you catch yourself speaking about limitations or problems, give yourself the chance to look for solutions and possibilities. Niurka further states that holding yourself to a higher standard and your choice of language is key to achieving consistent, outstanding results.

Do you have a friend that you may not speak with for months but when you do, it feels like yesterday? It’s great to have someone in your life like that but maybe it’s a good thing to try this year and not let months go by. Life is too short. Make time for those relationships. Work schedules and family obligations sometimes get in the way, well they get in the way a lot. It can be simple. Maybe a handwritten note, a card or even sending something little that you know they enjoy. Just try to stay in touch with those that you love.

Another author and expert, Todd Duncan gives his advice in terms of time management. While his advice is used primarily by business people and entrepreneurs when evaluating their profit and productivity is appreciated. I think it’s relevant to those of us that are looking to be as productive as we can be in our lives and in our daily activities. He says that we should determine the things that we’re doing that are not allowing us to be productive and create what he refers to as a “not” to do list. He suggests that we do an exercise in 15 to 30 minute increments, keeping track of our activities throughout the day. After doing this for a week we can determine how much time it is that we’re dedicating to things that aren’t productive. We can look at it also in the sense of determining what things we invest time in and don’t bring us joy or they don’t bring joy to anyone for that matter. We can recognize those things that cause us anxiety sadness, or frustration. Upon completing this list we can, at that time, create our not to do list and start dedicating time to things that are important to us and allow us to be more productive and fulfilled.

Whatever or however we decide to have the best 2021 possible, we should all remember that we have an opportunity every day to be the best version of ourselves. We have the option to take the day on with positivity, energy and determination. We can be purposeful in our effort to always be the best that we can be, it’s our choice. Whether we start with committing to new things, staying connected with loved ones, watching our words or dedicating time to prayer. Let’s do it for the sake of betterment of ourselves and for the world around us.

Happy New Year!

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