Denture Care for Your Parent

If your aging parent has recently received dentures, you might be wondering what the best way is to help ensure she takes good care of her dentures. It’ll be important to eliminate the chances of her damaging them, causing harm to herself by not cleaning them properly or accidentally breaking them. Talk with your parent about these important care and maintenance steps for her dentures and when applicable, enlist your elder care provider to help with some of these tasks if appropriate.

Handle with Care

If dentures are dropped onto a hard tile floor they can break and crack, causing them to be unable to be used or if they are used, altering their fit so they’re no longer comfortable. Your elderly parent should stand over a folded towel or a sink full of water when removing her dentures so if they do slip, they’ll fall on a soft surface.

Brush and Rinse Daily

Elder Care in Raleigh NCWhile your parent (or her elder care provider if she’s helping with this task) won’t want to use toothpaste to clean her dentures (it is abrasive and can cause tiny scratches on the dentures that food or bacteria may build up), dentures still require daily brushing and rinsing. Have your parent purchase a brush specifically designed to brush dentures with its soft bristles. She should brush her dentures daily with the brush and water, while also rinsing her dentures after each meal.

Clean with a Denture Cleaner

It’s important to also regularly clean her dentures. You can purchase products to do this, such as a cleaner made specifically for dentures, or even an ultrasonic cleaner that uses sound waves in a submerged environment to remove particles and other deposits. Your parent can also use something as simple as hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid to clean her dentures. Just make sure she doesn’t use anything with bleach or an abrasive texture. Your elder care provider can help your parent stay on schedule with needed cleanings.

Safely Store Dentures not being Uses

When your parent is not wearing her dentures, the dentures still need to be kept moist so they don’t dry out or lose their shape. Your parent can choose to keep them soaking in plain water in a glass container (usually on the bathroom counter or maybe by her bed), or she can have them soak in a denture cleansing soaking solution that can be purchased at most retail stores. Keep in mind if the dentures have metal parts, she won’t want to use a denture cleansing soaking solution because it could cause the metal part of the dentures to tarnish. If using plain water, water should be cool to the touch; hot water can warp the dentures.

Don’t Forget to Care for Her Mouth

Even without teeth, your elderly parent should still brush her gums and tongue every morning to maintain good oral health. If her denture is a partial denture, she’ll want to take good care of her remaining teeth by keeping them clean and free of any food or bacteria. Good oral care will provide her a beautiful smile for years to come.


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