What Kinds of Observations in General Could Mean Your Loved One Shouldn’t Be Driving?

Elderly Care in Ralston NE: Elderly Care in Ralston NE: What Kinds of Observations in General Could Mean Your Loved One Shouldn't Be Driving?

You probably know what to look for when your loved one is driving and shouldn’t be, but did you know that there are other observations that can let you know it’s time for your loved one to stop driving?

Your Loved One Can’t Move, See, or Hear Well at All

Mobility is extremely important for your loved one while she’s driving. If your loved one isn’t able to twist to see behind her or maneuver the steering wheel easily, she’s at risk of causing or being in wrecks. Likewise, being unable to hear or see well means that your loved one can’t avoid problems on the road.

She’s Unable to Follow Directions

Driving has a mental component as well as a physical component, of course. Notice what happens when your loved one needs to follow a set of instructions. If she has difficulty, even with a written set of instructions, then this can be a bad sign for her while she’s driving.

Your Loved One Falls Asleep Mid-conversation

Nodding off in the middle of a conversation might not be such a bad thing, but if this is something that your loved one does often, you might need to be concerned. This is definitely something that is extremely dangerous if your loved one is at the wheel of a car.

Your Loved One Is Afraid to Drive

Your loved one might not mention outright to you that she’s afraid to drive. You are more likely, however, to see subtle signs that your loved one is avoiding driving. She might suggest that other people drive when in the past she’s always been happy to drive. You might need to gently ask your loved one questions to determine if driving is scary for her.

The Car Has Seen Better Days

When is the last time that you really looked at your loved one’s car? If there are dings, dents, and scratches that you don’t remember seeing before, this can be a sign of trouble. Your loved one might be having difficulty maneuvering the car, leading to lots of physical damage to the vehicle itself.

If you’re noticing these types of observations, line up alternative transportation options for your loved one. Hire elderly care providers or work out a schedule with other family members to make sure your loved one has someone to drive for her.

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