What Types of Factors Affect Your Ability to Be a Caregiver to Your Aging Adult?

So many different variables go into making up your caregiving journey. Whether you and your elderly family member live near each other or not, as well as other issues, can dictate what your caregiving experience is going to look like. These are just some of the situations you might find affecting your decisions as a primary family caregiver to your elderly family member.

How Far Away from Your Aging Adult You Live

If you’re living far away from where your elderly family member lives, you’re most likely already engaging in long-distance caregiving. This is a complicated form of caregiving because while you’re in charge of most of the aspects of your aging adult’s care, you’re not right there with her.

The Geographical Area in Which You Live

You might not think that this matters much, but where you live has a tremendous impact on caregiving. If you’re in an urban area, for example, you might have a variety of transportation options and access to a greater number of medical specialists. More rural areas can be far more difficult, especially in terms of transportation and support if you need more assistance with your elderly family member.

What Type of Needs Your Senior Has

Your aging family member’s health needs also impact the types of additional support you’ll need. A senior with Alzheimer’s disease has much more specific needs than an elderly family member with all her faculties and only occasional assistance needed. If your aging adult has mobility issues, you might not be able to help her as much as you want due to your own physical limitations.

Who Makes up Your Family

If you’re an only child taking care of a parent, you’re going to have different needs than a family caregiver who has a large, involved family who is able to really pitch in and help. Having family members who live far away can leave you feeling similarly isolated.

Understanding these different factors can help you to determine what kinds of additional support, such as elderly care providers, you and your elderly family member need in order to make your caregiving journey as smooth as possible.

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