Four Reasons Why Clothes Shopping Online Doesn’t Work With Alzheimer’s

Clothes shopping is already a challenge with your elderly mom. The styles are too trendy. You have found a good selection of clothes when shopping online, however. When Alzheimer’s enters the picture, shopping for clothes brings new challenges. Shopping online doesn’t work as effectively and here’s why.

She Never Got to Feel the Texture

When your mom has Alzheimer’s, she may become very stubborn. She’ll want things to go her way and may resist when they don’t. She’ll want to feel a fabric’s texture and thickness. If she can’t, you run a higher risk of the item arriving and her not liking how it feels on the skin. In a brick and mortar store, she can try items on, touch the fabric, and know if it’s a fabric she really likes.

The Color She Saw Online Isn’t the Same as in Person

Even the most subtle color difference can matter to someone with Alzheimer’s. A red that is more pink than red may not be satisfying. A white that leans more towards cream can become a reason your mom won’t like an item. Being able to see the exact color when shopping for clothes will matter.

It’s Hard to Judge How Easy an Item is to Put On or Take Off

It is hard to tell how a shirt or pants fasten based only on online pictures. The snaps you see in a picture may seem large and easy to snap. The shirt arrives and the snaps require some force to secure. Your mom may not have the hand strength or dexterity to deal with stubborn fasteners.

When you shop at a local store, you can see if your mom is able to fasten pants and shirts with ease or if it’s a struggle. You can also see if the neck hole is wide enough for her to fit her head through or not.

Returns Are Often Challenging

No matter how hard you try, you’re going to get your mom home and learn a day later that she hates something she picked out. Some online stores are great about refunds and even pay return shipping. Many require you to pay return shipping and a restocking fee. You’ll save money by shopping a local store where returns are hassle-free.

Senior care professionals can help get your mom to local stores to buy new clothes. They often have experience buying the best clothes for Alzheimer’s. If you don’t have a caregiver helping your mom, you should. Call a senior care agency to discover the benefits of home care for a parent with Alzheimer’s.

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