How Safe Are the Entrances to Your Elderly Loved One’s Home?

Senior Care in LaVista NE

Senior Care in LaVista NESometimes when family caregivers are checking their loved one’s home for safety and security issues, the entrances to the home are overlooked. Try checking some of these areas to make sure that the entrances to your loved one’s home are as safe as possible.

Add Ramps and Check Stairways

Stairways are particularly dangerous for your elderly loved one. Check all stairways to make sure that they’re overall in good working order, that they don’t have slippery spots, and that all hand rails are secure and effective. If your loved one needs a ramp, make sure that you have one installed that is fully functional and secure. Some senior agencies can help install ramps for elderly loved ones, so it’s a good idea to contact them if you need help with installing a ramp.

Check Switches for Outdoor Lighting

Another potential safety hazard is lighting switches that are either in inconvenient locations or that are not functional. Be sure also to check the lighting fixture itself to make sure that the bulbs are working properly. If you do find that there are issues with the light or with the switch, contact a licensed electrician to handle the corrections for you.

Thresholds Can Be a Tripping Hazard

Take a good look at all of the thresholds into and out of your elderly loved one’s home. If they’re in disrepair or if they’re higher than they should be, they can cause a significant tripping hazard for your loved one and for anyone else who enters or leaves the house. In some cases, you may be able to simply hammer down loose nails or boards, but more complicated problems may require a handyman’s assistance.

Install Peepholes for Added Security

Open windows around doorways can be a security hazard for your elderly loved one. If the main doors of the home don’t have peepholes, they’re very easy to install. You can even ensure that you install them at the perfect height for your elderly loved one to be able to use the peephole to see who is knocking at the door.

If you need extra help spotting security and safety issues around your loved one’s entryways, talk to her senior care providers for other ideas.

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