What Are the Most Important Things to Know about Your Elderly Loved One’s Exercise Program?

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Exercise is super important for your elderly loved one, even if you worry that she’s not in any shape to be exercising regularly. Your loved one’s doctor can help you to determine what type of exercise is right for her, as well as how much exercise is enough. When your loved one is ready to exercise, these ideas can help.

Always Start with Your Loved One’s Doctor

Any time that your elderly loved one is considering changing her physical activity level, it’s a good idea to talk to her doctor about the situation. Doing that ensures that your loved one is healthy enough to be taking on the exercise plan that she’s considering. Your loved one’s doctor may want to know more about the proposed exercise plan, too, so that he can give your elderly loved one specific guidelines to follow.

Choose a Variety of Activities

Anyone can get bored doing the same exercises all the time and the same is true for your elderly loved one. Aerobic activities, like walking, help to get your loved one’s heart rate up and help to strengthen her lungs. But other aerobic activities can be fun, too. Look into options such as dance classes, bicycling, or water aerobics.

Branch out a Bit

Your loved one might even be willing to branch out a bit once she’s more accustomed to regular exercise. Depending on your loved one’s requirements, such as low-impact exercises to save wear and tear on painful joints, activities such as stationary bicycling might be something she’ll enjoy. A community pool can offer lots of different options, too, and many of them offer classes just for seniors.

Mix Exercise and Relaxation

It’s also a good idea to mix in some exercise with relaxation activities. Yoga, Pilates, and even Tai Chi offer stretching that is no-impact but that can improve your loved one’s flexibility quite a bit. They also incorporate breathing exercises that can help your loved one deal with stress and learn to relax more effectively.

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