Helping a Senior Cope with Heart Disease

Senior Care in Papillion NE

Senior Care in Papillion NEHeart disease is one of the most common conditions older adults develop. Also known as coronary artery disease (CAD), this condition occurs when fats, cholesterol, and calcium build up in the arteries, interfering with the blood supply that goes to the heart. This buildup will then begin to harden, causing a plaque to form that can block all blood flow from getting to the heart. The result is a heart muscle that is being deprived of the oxygen it needs to work properly.

If discovered early enough, there are plenty of treatment options available that will allow your elderly loved one to live a fairly normal life. However, they may benefit from having a senior care provider help them with tasks at home that are too difficult for them to do alone. Heart disease may cause the elder to take a good, hard look at his life in order to make the necessary changes to live a healthier one. Here are a few things they can begin doing now to keep their heart healthy, even if they have heart disease.

  • Eat the right foods. Fresh food is always the right choice. This means eating and cooking with more fresh fruits and vegetables. If the elder does want to buy pre-packaged foods, it is important they carefully read the labels to make sure the foods are low in sodium and fat. Encourage your loved one to meet with a dietitian to create a meal plan that will keep the senior and their ticker happy and healthy.
  • Exercise. Physical activities will not only strengthen the heart, but it will also help the elder control their bodyweight, manage other health conditions, and help them sleep better at night. When first starting out, the elder should not push themselves too hard. They should aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day, but can break that down into three 10 minute workouts if that is easier. Once they are able to, they can increase that amount of time in order to complete 150 minutes of exercise a week.
  • Manage medication. A serious condition like heart disease will require medication. Help your loved one by reminding them when it is time to take their medication. This is also a job the senior care provider can help with. To make this task even easier, the elder can use a pill box, placing the correct amount of pills for each day in the labeled boxes.

Heart disease is a very scary condition some older adults have, but with these tips, they will be able to properly manage their disease.


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