Creating a Calm Environment: Tips for Seniors to Find Peace at Home

Seniors Helping Seniors® 01 Nov 2023

Seniors are often the core of our families, providing a rich connection to our legacy and shared past. And while the golden years are plentiful, they do come with some special needs of their own. Many seniors may benefit from a calm environment in their home or living space-such an environment may help them cultivate their inner calm and enjoy a more tranquil and settled mood. If you’re helping to care for a senior-or if you’re a senior yourself looking to augment your living space-we’d like to offer some tips for seniors to create a calm atmosphere at home.

Our first tip for creating a calm environment for seniors is also a good idea for anyone seeking a more tranquil and centering living space: declutter! The psychology behind it is tedious to explain, the matter is that decluttering our living spaces is a great way to make them feel more peaceful and comfortable. Clutter affects our moods-too much “stuff” can be visually overwhelming and create a space that feels too busy, full, or just plain off-putting. Keeping them clean and open reduces clutter and makes them feel more relaxed. As an additional consideration, a decluttered space can be much safer for seniors with mobility issues or who may be living with some cognitive impairment. In these cases, clutter is a waiting accident, especially if it is on the floor or includes easily swallowed items.

In creating a calm environment, engaging all of the senses is vital. While humans respond most strongly to visual stimuli-we’re a sight-oriented species, per the biologists-our other senses do help set the mood too. Playing calming music or nature sounds in the background at a reasonable volume can help create a relaxing mood. It doesn’t require fancy equipment; any music player with a speaker will do! To create a comfortable environment, relaxing scents like lavender can help seniors find a calm, centered state of mind.

Speaking of maintaining a relaxed state of mind, seniors prone to anxiety or agitation should avoid coffee, chocolate, or other stimulating foods and drinks. Caffeine and other stimulating chemicals can help promote alertness. If used too often, they can cause anxiety, irritability, or overactivity. All of us, not just seniors, should limit their intake!

A calm environment isn’t a passive environment-creating healthy engagement and enrichment can go a long way toward helping seniors feel relaxed and comfortable. A favorite movie or TV program, a book to read, or a hobby to explore can keep a senior’s mind engaged while promoting a calm, stable mindset and living space. The golden years are an ideal time for exploring established interests or discovering new ones, and it can be both mentally stimulating and calming simultaneously in a supportive and safe environment.

Seniors are still adults-they have thoughts, opinions, needs, and interests, and many can make their own decisions. However, as we age we all need a little help and that may include some assistance in creating a calm environment in the home. Peace at home improves anyone’s life and can help seniors get the most out of their golden years. At Seniors Helping Seniors Nevada, we recognize the potential that senior life offers, and how a bit of assistance can enrich the experience. If you’re a senior or a family member looking for some help or companionship-or if you’d like to volunteer to provide those things to a senior in need-get in touch with us today!

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