From Chaos to Control: Managing Senior Medication Regimens with Confidence

As the saying goes, “Getting older isn’t for wimps.” While innumerable, wonderful things come with our golden years, this stage of life offers some challenges of its own as well. With age, our bodies and health change, which requires us to care for them differently. For many of us, this involves taking new medications to help preserve our health and comfort. Medications can be tricky to juggle at any age, especially so for seniors who may have several different medications to take at different times of the day. There’s a great deal of research and support out there for folks looking for better ways to manage senior medication regimes with confidence. In this blog, we’re presenting how to go from chaos to control: managing senior medication regimens with confidence with some additional resources that Seniors Helping Seniors can provide. 

Creating a medication chart is the first step in bringing some order to the chaos that can result from a complex medication regimen. Ideally, such a chart should list what the medications are, the dose, and any directions for taking/administering them. “Take as directed” can lead to some confusion if multiple meds are in play, so please make sure to list the details! Ensure everyone involved–the seniors, caregivers, etc.–knows where the chart is and that it is regularly updated.

Organizing the medications needed is another big step. Most recurring medications should be kept in one place, while acute medications such as rescue inhalers may be kept on the senior’s person. How to organize meds is up to the individual–some folks really like those daily pill organizers, and some are happy with a carefully arranged medicine cabinet. Just make sure they are all in one place, organized, and that everyone knows where they are. 

Use the technology around you to make life easier. Simple things like setting reminders on a smartphone, downloading a medications organization app, or texting a reminder to the senior in your life can go a long way towards keeping medications organized, keeping them on schedule in taking their meds, and preserving everyone’s peace of mind. 

Regular communication with your doctor, pharmacist, and other healthcare providers is a must. Managing multiple medications can be complex both logistically and medically, so keeping informed and staying in regular contact with the healthcare professionals involved can go a long way toward keeping things running smoothly. Communication can help avoid undesirable drug interactions, keep prescriptions filled on time, and ensure that all involved are informed of any changes that have occurred in the life or health of the senior in question.

Safety is a real concern when dealing with seniors and their medications. As we age, cognitive issues–or just plain forgetfulness–can set it. It can be especially problematic when medicine is involved, as it may lead to overmedication, missed doses, or other accidents. Ensuring that the seniors involved can manage their meds and they have the support they need can go a long way toward keeping them safe and healthy. 

At Seniors Helping Seniors Nevada, we know how precious our golden years are and how rich they can be. Seniors can benefit from a bit of help and companionship from their peers. Whether it’s a reminder to take meds, some help with housework, or just a ride to the store, Seniors Helping Seniors makes in-home care much easier all around. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in volunteering or need some assistance.


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