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Exploring the World: Enriching Outings and Trips for Seniors

We often associate getting out and exploring the world around us with youth–and it’s a mistake that does a real disservice to our golden years! The reality is that with age, experience, and knowledge, older…

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From Chaos to Control: Managing Senior Medication Regimens with Confidence

As the saying goes, “Getting older isn’t for wimps.” While innumerable, wonderful things come with our golden years, this stage of life offers some challenges of its own as well. With age, our bodies and…

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Caring for Caregivers: The Vital Role of Respite Care for Seniors

Seniors are wonderful. Our elders are rich sources of experience, history, and stories of our shared past. Caring for a senior can likewise be a wonderful experience, improving both our lives and theirs. However, as…

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The Benefits of Overnight Stays and 24-Hour Care for Seniors

As America’s senior’s age, there’s a strong and growing desire to age in place. Staying at home and retaining as much independence as possible is a priority for a majority of contemporary seniors, many of…

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Helping Aging Parents from a Distance

Retirement comes more quickly than sometimes we realize, and brings with it a number of important decisions about how and where to spend our golden years. One of the bigger questions that comes up in…

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The Importance of Caregivers for Seniors’ Pets Companions

Our golden years are often a chance to catch up on activities and interests we didn’t have as much time for during our working lives. While housepets are a vital part of many families, having…

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Caring for Aging Parents: Tips for Choosing Personal Care for Elderly Services

Watching your parents grow old isn’t easy. Suddenly, you notice they’re slowing down and not as energetic as they used to be. They’ve become forgetful and don’t like leaving the house as much. What’s worse,…

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List of Services a Home Care Assistant Can Do

For many seniors, living an active and independent life is a primary goal of their golden years. And while many folks in that age group are able to live on their own for the most…

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The Best Way to Choose a Home Care Service

As our loved ones age, we’re faced with a series of challenging choices. Among these is finding a home care service to help with basic tasks while ensuring that the senior in question can stay…

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