List of Services a Home Care Assistant Can Do

For many seniors, living an active and independent life is a primary goal of their golden years. And while many folks in that age group are able to live on their own for the most part, sometimes a little help with daily tasks and the ins and outs of living can make a big difference. This is where in-home senior care services come in. By facilitating senior independence, in-home care allows older folks to maintain as active and independent a lifestyle as possible while getting the support they need when they need it. A home care assistant, who understands the needs and desires of the seniors they’re helping, can be invaluable in ensuring that the golden years are as rich and fulfilling as they can be. So what services does an in-home care assistant provide? Let’s take a look at the list of services a home care assistant can do, and a few more important details about in-home senior care. 

While the exact services provided by  a home care assistant will vary depending on the assistant, the agency in question, and the senior, there are a few services that come up consistently:


  • Companionship: Simple company is often a need for many seniors, and a  home care assistant can provide just that. Conversation, shared interests, or just listening can go a long way toward brightening the days and improving the quality of life for many older folks. 
  • Light housekeeping: taking care of a home is always a chore, and as we age a bit of assistance here and there with housekeeping can be quite welcome. While most home care assistants don’t offer home cleaning per se, they can help with a bit of light housekeeping here and there in order to make life easier.
  • Cooking, shopping, and light errands: Like housekeeping, errands are often draining for seniors, and a bit of help with cooking, shopping, and getting around town can be greatly welcome. Whether it’s making dinner, grocery shopping, or helping with mail, an extra hand with errands can make all the difference.
  • Yard work: As with house cleaning, most home care assistants aren’t yarded services, but they often can help with the basics in order to keep things looking neat and tidy and ensure that seniors have the help they need to avoid overtaxing themselves.
  • Help with medication: Keeping track of what medications to take and when can get complicated as we age, so a bit of help from a knowledgeable and caring person is often useful. While in-home caregivers don’t administer meds, they can help with reminders and organization. 
  • Getting out and about: Being at home is nice, but oftentimes seniors want or need to get out of the house. Whether it’s a morning in the park or a trip to the doctor, a home care assistant can make the process easier, more convenient, and safer.


This is not a complete list of services a home care assistant can provide: many in-home care assistants tailor their services to the needs of the senior in question. The goal is to ensure that older folks can live the lives they want and remain as independent as possible during their golden years while still getting the support they need.

So where do you find quality in-home care services with in-home caregivers who understand what’s needed? Here at Seniors Helping Seniors, we have a unique solution: our caregivers are friendly, compassionate seniors who understand the challenges and joys that come with aging and are able to help meet the needs of their peers. We connect seniors who want to help others with those in need of a little assistance for the enrichment of everyone involved. So if you’d like to lend a hand or could use a hand yourself, contact us today to get started!

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