Mind Games to Keep Your Brain Active

Growing old is not for the faint of heart! In this new phase of life, every day can be an adventure, filled with new friends and new experiences. This includes your intellectual life, which can continue to develop and evolve throughout your golden years. Indeed, staying mentally active is just as important as staying physically active when it comes to preserving and enhancing your health. While there are a number of approaches to life-long learning and mental activity, games can be a fun way to keep yourself intellectually engaged at home. Here are some mind games to keep your brain active at any age–it’s never too late to take them up!

Let’s start with a classic: crossword puzzles are a popular pastime, widely available both online and in print form, and a fantastic way to keep your mind engaged by pushing you to think outside the box when it comes to both language and common knowledge. One of the best parts of doing a crossword puzzle or two is that it’s easily done at home. Make a cup of coffee or tea, sit down with a good crossword, and just enjoy the time and the challenge!

Another classic brain game, chess is beloved around the world. One of the oldest and most popular board games, chess is accessible, relatively easy to learn, and enjoyable at any level of play. While it does require two players, there are many options for playing online or against a computer. Chess clubs are also found around the world, and there’s likely one near you. This means that not only does chess stretch your brain, but it can also help you meet new folks and engage with new friends!

Similar to chess, Go is a strategy game of East Asian origin. Based on a handful of simple rules, Go is surprisingly complex albeit easy to learn. While not as popular in the US as chess, Go is growing in popularity and is accessible online and via various apps. If you’re looking for something a bit different, give Go a try!

Our next suggestion for mind games to keep your brain active is a hugely popular set of activities: card games. Card games come in a dizzying variety: poker, bridge, gin rummy, spades, and more! Most people have some card game that they enjoy, and it’s generally easy to find folks around you who are willing to join in for a casual game. More serious poker circles and bridge groups exist in many places if you want a greater challenge, but that’s the joy of card games. There’s something on every level, for every kind of player, so look around and find something you enjoy!

Finally, a classic board game can be just the thing to keep the brain active, and Scrabble is a beloved example. A word game, Scrabble stretches your mind via spelling, vocabulary, and long-term strategy. It’s also a fun game for a group of players and an excellent way to spend an afternoon. Scrabble might be just the game to keep your brain active and help you socialize and meet new friends. 

It’s never too late to take up a new game, a new challenge, or a new adventure. We hope that this blog will get you started on an activity or two to help keep your brain active. Your golden years are just another step in your journey and another chance for growth. By taking up some mind games to keep your brain active, you’ll also be taking steps to ensure that this part of your life is just as rich and rewarding as it can be.


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