The Importance of Caregivers for Seniors’ Pets Companions

Our golden years are often a chance to catch up on activities and interests we didn’t have as much time for during our working lives. While housepets are a vital part of many families, having a pet of our own often has to wait for retirement. Additionally, pets can also help keep seniors active, healthy, and social as they age. Dogs, cats, and other critters can bring life to our homes and provide love and friendship that helps make life worth living. So while pets are beautiful but also require a fair amount of care that can be taxing for some older folks. This is why Seniors Helping Seniors offers in-home pet care as part of our services, allowing seniors who need a bit of extra help to experience the joys of having a pet of their own. 

While each senior and each pet is unique and has its own needs, there are some general services that Seniors Helping Seniors offers in terms of pet care. These are mostly focused on basic care, including the following:

  • Feeding pets is a daily task, and regular feeding of healthy food is a must for a happy, healthy pet! For many seniors, however, this aspect of regular animal care can be a bit of a challenge, so Seniors Helping Seniors can help with regular visits to ensure that beloved pets are getting the food and water they need safely and healthily.
  • Grooming and cleaning are important to the health of all pets. Dogs and cats need regular brushing and bathing, while animals like birds or fish need their enclosures cleaned and kept tidy. Many seniors have no trouble completing these tasks, but others may need a bit of help. Our in-home care services can make sure that your pets are well-groomed and that their homes are clean and welcoming. 
  • Walking and outside exercise are important to all of us–sunshine, fresh air, and a chance to get the blood pumping do wonders for everyone’s health! This is true for pets as well, and while many seniors find that their animal companions help keep them active, sometimes a little help with this aspect of pet care is warranted. We can help with dog walking and outside play in order to ensure that both seniors and their pets are happy at home. 
  • Basic cleaning and cleanup are needs that come with every pet. While our animal friends are wonderful, they can track in dirt, shed fur, and for cats, there are those pesky litter boxes that need cleaning. We can help by providing light cleaning and housework services that help keep seniors’ homes clean so that they and their pets can focus on enjoying life to its fullest.

As seniors move into their golden years, the focus should be on enjoying life in as many ways as they can. This includes getting the most out of pet ownership and the joys that animals can bring. At Seniors Helping Seniors Nevada, we’re here to ensure that older folks can enjoy living at home with the animal companions of their choice and get the most out of the experience. We offer the help you need in the ways that you need it. So whether you or a loved one need a bit of extra help, or if you’re an active senior looking for a volunteer opportunity, get in touch with us today!

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