Four Things to Save Money on When Preparing Your Home for an Older Parent

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Four Things to Save Money on When Preparing Your Home for an Older Parent

Adjusting life to living with a senior family member isn’t always simple. Finding ways to stick to budget and keep a one happy and healthy senior member doesn’t have to be complicated.  We just need a plan, and we need to take things room by room to make sure we don’t miss any crucial detail. Here are some basics our seniors will need.

A Comfortable Bedroom

If your parent needs a new mattress, or if you need other home essentials, like new clothes or towels, try shopping at retail stores that offer sales and coupons. When you shop at these stores for your senior loved one and your home, you can also take advantage of senior discounts to maximize your savings. You may even be able to take advantage of cashback deals that can help offset the costs of preparing your home for an aging parent.

When setting up the bedroom, make sure you set this space up to promote healthy senior sleep. Clean out any clutter and pick a mattress that will provide the most support for your senior loved one. You may also need to make more mindful bedding choices, such as avoiding skirts or any layers that could pose a fall hazard.

 A Working HVAC System

 Aging impacts homeostasis, which simply means that older people tend to feel extremes in temperature more acutely than younger folks. So, your loved one may be a little more sensitive to temperature changes inside your home, which means your heating and air conditioning need to be in working order to ensure comfort. Before a senior parent or family member moves into your home, take care of some basic HVAC maintenance, such as changing out your filters and inspecting your system for any signs of problems. If you do spot any issues contact a licensed HVAC repair company to review the issue and prevent costly replacement of the entire system.

Adequate and Even Lighting

As you prepare your home, be sure to complete a walk-through to spot potential obstacles for aging in place safely. Lighting can be problematic for many seniors, especially those with low vision, so pay special attention to the lighting throughout your home. You will want to make sure that the lighting from room to room is even and that any glare is reduced in areas that will be frequented by your senior loved one. It’s also a good idea to use lamps and nightlights in darker spaces, such as hallways and stairwells, to reduce the risk of a serious fall. Another option for creating a well-lit and accessible home for aging parents is to use smart sensors, which can automatically adjust lighting as a senior moves through the home.

 A Safe Bathroom

 When it comes to preventing senior falls and injuries in your home, making changes to your bathroom is key. Bathroom modifications you may want to consider include lowering vanity heights and adding adjustable fixtures, to make it easy for your senior parent to bathe and use the bathroom without the risk of slipping or falling. Swapping a tub for a walk-in shower is typically recommended for seniors who are aging in place, but there may be walk-in alternatives that could save you time and effort, such as slide-in showers, chair lifts or shower seats. The last two are considered durable medical equipment (DME) by Medicare, which means you can find additional savings by using your loved one’s Medicare plan to cover eligible expenses.

 Finding room in your home for an aging parent or senior loved one may not be an issue but finding room in your budget can be a challenge. Please keep those suggestions handy as you prep your home and your life during this life transition. Using the tips above can make this big change less stressful for you, your budget, and your senior family member.

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