Know The Signs: Dementia

As we age, it can be tough to differentiate normal cognitive decline from something more troublesome. Symptoms of dementia often look like conventional signs of aging, the difference being they are more severe and interfere significantly with the ability to handle daily life. Here are a few cues that might indicate someone is struggling:
▪️ Difficulty completing everyday tasks – inability to follow a recipe, manage bills, and see jobs through to completion.
▪️ Confusion about time and place – consistently forgetting the day of the week or not knowing how they arrived somewhere.
▪️ Significant personality changes – increased anxiousness, suspicion, confusion, or fear, as well as becoming upset easily and loss of interest in hobbies and social activities.
Seniors Helping Seniors® E. Washtenaw County and W. Wayne County MI offers specialty care for individuals with Dementia. Contact us to discuss how we can help you or a loved one cope with life’s unexpected changes.

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