Phyllis Perry – Care Receiver

Commendation for Seniors Helping Seniors

Know what the best kept secret in Washtenaw County is?  Seniors Helping Seniors, an agency dedicated to helping folks who simply need a hand.  Be it indoors or outdoors, de-cluttering, moving, packing, cleaning, gardening, or just lending an ear in a time of need.

Carmo Ribeiro, director of the agency, is fantastic!  He listens, understands and offers practical information and assistance.  His talents and skills are perfect for his role as chief compassion-listener and hand-holder.  He came to my service when I needed help most:  for an out-of-state move after living in my home for 23 years.  He found a wonderful young lady who helped me sort, purge, and organize my many things over a period of 15 hours in the month of December. She wrapped dishes, sorted books, photos, vases, albums, CD’s, and much more.  She even cleaned my bathtub!  It looks so sparkling and reflects the good will and spirit of her kind heart.  I never could’ve made this big move without her and shall always remember her dedication, fine service and helping hands.

This is Seniors Helping Seniors.  I cannot recommend Carmo and his team highly enough.  They helped me in my time of great need.  We will always be friends.  THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart!   Phyll, Dec. 2020

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