Senior Move Managers Make Relocation Simple

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If you’re a senior looking to relocate, a moving services company that specializes in senior moves can be a great investment. These individuals can help coordinate the entire process from beginning to end, ensuring your personal and household belongings get to where they’re going in the appropriate time frame. It also means you don’t have to worry about packing, moving, and unpacking on your own.

Timing Your Move

According to Real Simple, when you’re moving from one home into another, timing the move can be essential to ensure you don’t have to have any temporary housing in between one residence and another. An all-inclusive moving company should be able to coordinate the timing with you and your real estate agent. If it turns out you do have a timeframe between when you’re leaving one house and moving into another, a full-service moving company can arrange for storage in between so that you don’t have to worry about what to do with your belongings.

What’s Included?

Moving companies that specialize in working with seniors recognize that it can be tiring and sometimes even unsafe to try to pack and move an entire household. According to, full-service companies typically include coming in for an assessment, wrapping, packing, moving, and then unpacking all of your household items, and even disassembling the boxes and packing material and removing them after the move is complete.

This can be incredibly helpful as a turnkey service, ensuring you don’t have to do anything at all. You’ll want to ensure any companies you interview are licensed and insured.

Key Moving Tips

If you have particularly valuable or delicate items, you may be more comfortable keeping them with you and moving them yourself. You can create labels for your boxes online faster than you can say ”Label maker, anyone?” Also, keep in mind that you’ll want to have a personal bag packed for the move that includes several changes of clothes, personal toiletries, medications, and any type of personal paperwork you want to have on you.

According to Move Line, this might include your lease or purchase agreement for your new home and personal papers like passports, health insurance, and Social Security card. If you’re moving with a pet, you’ll want to keep them with you, and account for their needs as well. Pack their bedding, favorite toys, meds, and food and water, along with travel bowls.

Getting Re-Keyed

Once you get settled, you’ll want to rekey your home for safety and security. You can find a reputable locksmith by searching online, checking out customer testimonials, and making sure a locksmith is licensed, bonded, and insured. Ask if they offer a warranty for their work, and how long the turnaround time will be. You might want to get several extra sets of keys if you have family nearby, caregivers, pet sitters or anyone else you feel comfortable giving access to your home. You can also put an extra key in a safety deposit box in case you lose your original.

Moving as a senior can be a bit of a challenge but utilizing a full-service moving company that also employs a senior move manager can help ensure it goes smoothly and according to schedule. If you’re downsizing, consider this a great opportunity to purge, whether you’re donating, gifting, or selling unwanted household items. It’s a good fresh start to this next exciting phase of life!

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