Senior Tips to Beat the Heat and Stay Healthy!

For most of the country, the hottest time of year peaks in August and doesn’t let up until sometime in September. Even here in the Midwest, temps can be brutally steamy right now. As you probably know, with soaring mercury comes the real threat of heat stroke and other related illness for us seniors.

The goal is to remain active, while staying cool. To help keep you moving — and comfortable — during these dog days of summer, your Seniors Helping Seniors team offers up a few pointers. Check them out and be safe out there!

Water Up!

Hydration is one of the most crucial details of our health at any age, and the stakes only grow as you get older. In fact, water consumption can affect all types of body functions, from digestion and blood volume levels to kidney performance.

Ailments from dehydration can sneak up on you this time of year, so experts recommend individuals drink water regularly throughout the day — not just when you feel thirsty. Try these strategies to ensure you’re receiving the ideal amount every step of the way.

  1. Eat watery fruits like watermelon and grapefruits, or nosh on veggies like cucumbers
  2. Set a hydration timer on your watch to help build a routine
  3. Always have a water bottle at the ready

Exercises Inside

At Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services, our caregivers often team up with care recipients for a quick, effective workout. Here are just a few of our favorite indoor activities, perfect for physical and mental wellness when the sun’s beaming down!


Yoga’s effect on your physical — and often mental — well-being is unmatched. For us seniors, it combines four key elements: Strength, Balance, Focus, and Flexibility. This builds muscle and promotes a more limber body, which reduces the risk of falls, instability, and physical injury. At the same time, yoga has been said to help reduce stress levels and  boost overall mood. Lastly, it’s easy to jump right into the ancient workout anytime, anywhere. It requires little space to conduct, and you need nothing more than a comfy mat!


Walking is versatile and can be done anywhere with level ground. During a heatwave, ideal indoor settings include shopping malls, museums, and health club tracks.  Of course, workouts are always better with company. So, get a group together or call on your Seniors Helping Seniors® caregiver to join you. Have some laughs while you break a sweat. We’re confident, your heart (and soul) will be glad you took the step!


Nothing says full-body workout like using every muscle to paddle from one side of the pool to the other! Going for a leisurely swim is a good way to build muscle and generally comes with lower injury risks than other popular cardio activities, like jogging or biking. Swimming also is a productive way to improve mental health and brain function for the active senior. When it’s a scorcher, we encourage hitting an indoor pool in your area. Clubs like the community YMCA, high schools, and gyms usually offer specific programs for seniors.

Here at Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services, we understand staying strong and healthy year-round is a task. It certainly can be frustrating to miss a day because the sun is on full blast! Still, we encourage everyone to be mindful of the heat, play it safe and apply good rules of thumb when striving to break a sweat.

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