Whether it’s for you or a senior loved one, bringing technology into a home is a wonderful way to facilitate an easier life. There are a range of devices that work with simple voice commands, making it ideal for individuals with vision, dexterity, or mobility issues. Here are a couple Seniors Helping Seniors® suggestions on how to incorporate this technology for extra convenience and peace of mind:
✔️Build a morning “routine” that will help set up for the day with one short voice command. This can include turning on lights and the TV, increasing the thermostat, giving medication and appointment reminders, and sharing need-to-know news and weather.
✔️Use the device to discover recipes, create shopping lists, stream music, or call a friend without the hassle of fumbling with cell phones, remotes, or computers.
Technology can be daunting at times, but with a little practice, it can make independent living a joy!

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