It doesn’t matter how old we are, we all want to participate in activities that make us happy, stimulate our minds and bring us closer to family and friends. However, with age, many seniors find that their fun activities quickly diminish due to a number of reasons. Among the most common are health issues, lack of mobility, loss of friends and family, loss of driving ability and lower strength and stamina. Our caregivers at Seniors Helping Seniors Raleigh help keep our seniors active, engaged, and happy. You can see the pure joy between Dick and Charlotte playing ball.

If you’re feeling alone or overwhelmed in your caregiving role, Seniors Helping Seniors Raleigh can help. Please contact us and our team of dedicated caregivers. We will listen to you and your unique situation. We will help you figure out a solution that works for you, whether that’s a structured program to supplement your care or just a few hours break from the taxing demands of this vital responsibility. Call 919-761-5346 or contact us at

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