Five Tips for Getting Your Mom to Eat Healthier During Better Breakfast Month

Going back to WWII, the government needed steady supplies for the military. As people weren’t eating as well while trying to ration foods, hunger pangs and low blood sugar levels were causing worker fatigue and decreasing productivity in manufacturing plants.

The Better Breakfast campaign was born from this need for workers to eat a hearty breakfast. September’s Better Breakfast Month dates back to this campaign.

After a full night’s sleep, your mom’s blood sugar levels will be lower. She’s slept for several hours, and the lack of food during that time does impact her energy. She’s not big on breakfast, however, and that has you worried. How do you get her to eat a full breakfast?

Serve It In Stages

Don’t make your mom eat a big breakfast. Divide it into smaller meals. She could start breakfast with a piece of toast and coffee. An hour later, have her snack on some fresh fruit and a glass of juice while taking her daily medications. After that, she could have a no-bake protein ball made from old-fashioned oats, dates, natural peanut butter, and cocoa powder.

Prepare Overnight Oats in Advance

Your mom might be more willing to eat breakfast if there’s something she can quickly grab. Get small glass jars or plastic containers and fill them with a mixture of old-fashioned oats, nut milk, unsweetened applesauce, and cinnamon. For breakfast, she can add some raisins and walnuts before eating it.

Keep Breakfast Sandwiches Stocked in the Freezer

Senior Home Care in Wilson NC
Senior Home Care in Wilson NC

Make breakfast sandwiches or burritos that you keep in the freezer. Your mom can take one out, microwave it, and not have to cook the eggs and vegetables that morning. To make them, toast English muffins and set them aside. While they toast, mix egg whites and chopped spinach in a bowl to make scrambled eggs for the sandwich filling. Place portions of egg in the English muffin and top with a slice of low-fat cheese.

Make Sure Someone Eats With Her

Your mom may take the time to eat breakfast if she’s not eating alone. Stop by if you have time and eat with her. If you can’t see if another family member or family friend is available.

Hire Caregivers to Cook for Her

Arrange to have senior home care aides cooking her meals for her. She may not enjoy getting up, showering, and immediately having to make a complete meal. Arrange senior home care services to have caregivers help your mom with meal preparation, housekeeping chores, and other important daily activities.


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