In-Home Care is an Increasingly Popular Choice for Seniors

Elder Care in Rocky Mount NCNo matter how hard they try, some elderly adults simply cannot live independently at home due to health issues, both physical and mental. It can mean they are definitely struggling to do daily tasks like cook and clean, or their cognitive state is in decline and they can’t remember when to take medication. Regardless of why, the aging adult’s ability to look after themselves and stay safe and healthy diminishes.

Family members who step in and take over this responsibility are doing a wonderful thing for their aging loved one as a family caregiver. However, family caregivers can’t be there every minute of every day, so what happens if the aging adult can’t be left alone? In-home care options are an increasingly popular choice for seniors and their family.

Why Do Aging Adults Need In-Home Care?

Seniors are more likely to develop a chronic health issues and likely more than one. From diabetes and heart disease to blindness, arthritis or a stroke, there are plenty of age-related issues that can interfere with daily life. Such physical limitations can prevent seniors from doing even the smallest things that most people take for granted, such as opening a jar, taking a shower, putting on their shoes and socks, and doing the laundry. When aging adults can no longer do those tasks that are required for them and their household to thrive, they need to look for outside help.

Can’t Family Caregivers Provide In-Home Care?

There are millions of family members across the country who provide in-home care for aging adults and it’s a wonderful way to allow them to age in place at home. However, even family caregivers that have the means to provide full-time care will need respite from these duties on occasion to reduce stress and prevent caregiver burnout.

When family members spend all their time focusing on the needs of their aging loved ones, they aren’t tending to their own needs. Ignoring stress management techniques like diet and exercise will simply make things harder for family members as they struggle with their own physical and mental health issues. It’s better to have elder care providers on hand to come in a few days per week to provide respite.

Elder Care Providers Are Part of the Team

By hiring elder care providers, family caregivers have the option to schedule them when they are needed most. Not only are elder care providers compassionate and experienced, they have wonderful ideas to pass along to family caregivers and seniors about how to get through the day effectively and safely. Elder care providers can help with bathing, dressing and grooming, as well as light housekeeping, meal preparation and laundry. If the aging adult is having a hard time with their health or they take a turn for the worse, the elder care provider can be there to alert family members of any problems.

When faced with several different options of where they want to live and how they want to receive care, aging adults and their family members are increasingly choosing in-home care thanks to the flexibility and benefits the arrangement provides.


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