Will the Covid-19 health crisis bring us closer together?

Looking at the bright side of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the last few weeks, we have been bombarded with news about Covid-19 and terms such as “social distancing”, “stay home, stay safe”, “cover your cough” and even getting reminded of the importance of washing our hands.  But even though many of us are separated from one another physically, we probably have not been this close together as a society since the 9/11 attacks.

With this in mind, we thought we would focus instead on the good and positive aspects and the opportunities we can gain from this current Covid-19 health crisis:

  • The opportunity to consider the impact that other people have on our lives – We are beginning to realize that the virus does not differentiate when it comes to religion, race or social status. The current lack of people being able to drive society will hopefully put into perspective that there is actually nothing more important in the world than the people in it. 
  • The time of Covid-19 crisis allows us to better appreciate the people we interact with – We often take for granted the people around us due to their continuous presence. This situation is allowing us to make a more intentional effort to build more meaningful relationships with them.
  • Opportunities to reconnect and create stronger social unity – We are seeing retired doctors and nurses returning to the workforce to help, people are checking on their elderly neighbors, friends and relatives are checking on each other and community and volunteer groups offer help to those most vulnerable. We can use this crisis to build a society in which we do a better job of taking care of each other.
  • We may be having more time on our hands – When suddenly all our daily routines, social gatherings and entertainment has been cancelled or forbidden, we find ourselves with significant amounts of extra time. And still, life goes on. This gives us the opportunity to spend this time on other things like reaching out to our loved ones more often, organize our living spaces —or simply relaxing during the free time.
  • The opportunity to reflect and reconsider our habits and routines – The fact that our daily lives have been suddenly disrupted, provides an opportunity to reflect on them and to reconsider what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Now that we haven’t been able to go back to our favorite restaurant every weekend, hang out with our friends or go to the gym after work, we could now reflect on whether we really want to continue doing so after the Covid-19 crisis.
  • A healthier climate – We are seeing photos all around the world not only of nearly empty streets, but along with it, views of cleaner skies, cleaner oceans, animals thriving in nature. Thanks to a global pandemic, carbon emissions are declining on a scale nobody could have imagined. Quarantine life is forcing people to more sustainable ways of living and as a result, there’s an unlikely beneficiary: the planet.
  • The importance of family unity – We are realizing that we are all in this together. As a result, we are becoming increasingly caring and kinder toward each other. We want to make ourselves more available to our loved ones, and as we spend longer hours together at home, we are realizing the importance of family unity. This unexpected time together can be creatively used in many different ways, from focusing on enhancing education, to exercising, to entertainment.

As people are temporarily sheltering at home and choosing to stay mostly indoors, we renew our appreciation for the value of relationships.  Parents spend more quality time with their children and children are enjoying the availability of their parents like never before. A forced workplace hiatus may come with a price tag but the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones may be priceless. The experience of this situation will hopefully be a reminder of what we can truly achieve when we all work together.



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