Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Get Out of Town with Seniors Helping Seniors® In-Home Care Services

Summer is a great time to plan a trip with family and friends for lots of reasons! You can generally count on nice weather, making delays and interruptions to your plans less likely. Your grandchildren may also be on summer break, giving you plenty of quality time with them. Most destinations are in full swing during the summer months as well, ensuring there will be lots of activities to enjoy on your getaway!

Vacations are also a wonderful way for our Seniors Helping Seniors® care receivers to gain new experiences and enjoy some much-deserved R&R!

But, while traveling can certainly recharge your battery, it can also prove stressful if you’re not prepared. With a little forethought, however, you can enjoy a smooth road to relaxation.

Let’s look at a few simple ways to ensure you’re ready for a hiccup-free getaway!

Plan Ahead

Not every minute of your vacation needs to be scheduled out, but it’s a good idea to have a general plan for what you’ll be doing on your trip. Before leaving, take some time to research the area so you’re not faced with surprises that will disrupt your fun. Consider the following:


Depending on the destination, you might need to make arrangements to help you get around. Check into what options are available where you’ll be staying. Many hotels provide a shuttle service to take guests to area destinations. If not, you may want to rent a car or plan on utilizing ride-share services for activities that aren’t within a comfortable walking distance.


There are typically lots of reservations, tickets, and personal documents to keep track of during any trip and not being able to find them when needed can cause major issues. For example, if you’re flying, you’ll likely need an approved I.D., your plane tickets, and perhaps, a passport or vaccination information.

Before leaving on your trip, have your Seniors Helping Seniors® caregiver help you gather and organize these documents. Try keeping them all in one envelope so you know where everything is at all times.

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