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Help Sometimes Better Received …

…when coming from other seniors We are very pleased to announce that Seniors Helping Seniors and Electronic Caregiver were featured in this month’s issue of Everything Brevard.  They came out and took some photos of…

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November – National Family Caregiver Month!

The Holiday Dilemma November is National Family Caregiver Month.  It seems an appropriate time since it is the start of the holiday season.  We begin gathering with family over Thanksgiving and continue straight through to…

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Senior Scene: Electronic Caregiver

Last month Seniors Helping Seniors made the announcement of a company-wide partnership with the Electronic Caregiver.  It confirmed what we already knew here in Brevard, Electronic Caregiver has great products with impressive technology.  We began…

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HSOBC “Update” – May Edition

Click HERE to watch Originally aired Wednesday – May 27th 2020 Join us for this update while we are in “Full” Phase One reopening during the Covid-19 precautions. Kerry Fink updates together with Jennifer Helin,…

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Have A Plan

This article was published in the May 2020 Helping Seniors of Brevard Newsletter, printed in Senior Scene Magazine. The Unknown Sitting down to write, in the early stages of the stay at home order in…

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You are never too old to start!

Inspired I am inspired by stories of seniors accomplishing amazing physical feats.  I keep an eye on a program called “Growing Bolder” out of Orlando.  They tell stories of 82-year-old body builders, 100-year-old runners, and…

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4 Tips For Hurricane Preparations for Seniors

With Dorian aiming at our Central Florida Coast, there is no time like the present.  Here are tips to make sure you are safe.  The better we plan the better the outcome! Stock up on…

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Planning for Life’s Seasons

Life’s Seasons For everything there is a season. Unfortunately, the season we will all face is often ignored, too painful to consider.  Sooner or later a spouse will pass. Acknowledging this season is difficult but…

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Seniors Encouraged to Age Out Loud

May 2017 Article May is Older American’s Month. This year’s theme is “Age Out Loud.” It’s a nod to the changing attitudes about aging in America and the need for our voices to be heard….

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