Wonderfully Wellderly Week: A Morning Routine for The Mind

Seniors Helping Seniors® 22 Mar 2023

Wonderfully Wellderly Week: A Morning Routine for The Mind – Practicing healthy ways to cope with and manage emotions brings calm and happiness to your or your loved one’s senior years. This Wellderly Week, we’re exploring ways to assist the senior community in greeting each day with a zest for life and emotional health is a must-discuss topic. Incorporate several of the Seniors HelpingSeniors® suggestions below into a morning routine to harness the mind’s cognitive powers and get the day started with positivity:
1.Laugh! Dr. Dale Anderson, a cognitive therapist and creator of Wellderly Day, asserts that humor and laughter have numerous benefits. What’s his recommendation for starting each day down an emotionally well path? Take 15seconds every morning to look in the mirror and laugh!
2.Create A Playlist We all have a few songs that can make us smile, no matter what. Compile a playlist with all of your or a senior loved one’s most-cherished tunes to get each morning off to a harmonious start.
3.Meditate – Meditating for a few minutes each morning helps increase self-awareness, manage stress, and reduce negative emotions. There are many different types of meditation–mindfulness, mantra, and guided, to name a few–so try out different techniques until one hits the right notes. For even better results, make this morning routine a group activity! Ask friends, family members, or a SeniorsHelping Seniors® caregiver to create their own routine and commit to running through it each morning too.

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