Safety & Fall Prevention

Seniors Helping Seniors® 22 Jun 2024

Safety & fall prevention largely entails adapting the environment to ensure safety. Seniors Helping Seniors® Bethesda can promote safety and fall prevention in multiple ways, including home safety inspections.


How does a home safety inspection work?

Seniors Helping Seniors® Bethesda can provide home safety inspections to identify and mitigate fall risks and other safety hazards. Home safety inspections are performed by a certified Senior Home Safety Specialist® or a Registered Nurse.

What else can Seniors Helping Seniors® Bethesda do to promote safety & fall prevention?

We partnered with Electronic Caregiver, a premier digital health technology and services company. This partnership enables us to offer clients an array of medical alert devices, including devices that notify emergency responders in case of a fall.

How can caregivers help with safety & fall prevention?

Our mature & sophisticated caregivers are adept at spotting safety hazards throughout the home. They can also reduce fall risks by removing tripping hazards and assisting with tasks that create fall risks, such as changing lightbulbs.

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