Specialized Care

Seniors Helping Seniors® 23 Jun 2024

We develop customized care plans for every client. Our nurses work with clients and their families, and can create specialized plans to address specific issues, such post-hospitalization recovery, Parkinson’s, Cancer, COPD, heart problems, sight impairment and other condition that require assistance.


What if someone needs assistance for a single procedure only?

We can provide support and Nurse Oversight to a client during a one-time procedure or treatment, including transportation to and from the medical center, and assisting the client during the recovery process to ensure safety, comfort, and quality of life.

What does this process look like if someone is in the hospital or rehab and will need homecare after he/she discharges?

If a senior is in search of homecare following hospitalization, we will connect them with one of our Registered Nurses to gather information, assess, and develop a personalized Care Plan. Sometimes discharge plans are fluid and may take time before a discharge date is set. Our team is happy to work with a client through this process so a plan is in place and he/she has a safe and comfortable transition back home to recover.

Are your caregivers able to help a client with a specific condition/diagnosis? What if conditions or needs change over time?

We can adjust care plans, interventions, and solutions to accommodate changes in condition.
Our caregivers are trained to assist with a wide variety of conditions, and if we don’t have someone qualified for a particular condition then we will tell you.

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