Healthy Gift Ideas for Senior Loved Ones

shschicagometro 12 Nov 2020

Healthy Gift Ideas for Senior Loved Ones

Finding ways to promote wellness for seniors is important, whether it’s encouraging them to get outside for exercise or finding supplements that help reduce pain and improve mobility. Consider giving wellness-promoting gifts to the seniors in your life. Use this guide for ideas and resources. If you need ideas or want to connect with other seniors, Seniors Helping Seniors can help.

Gifts that promote health and wellness

Along with helping lift your senior’s mood, a gift that promotes wellness is a gift that keeps on giving. Think about gifts that encourage exercise, stress relief, and pain reduction—new sneakers, juicers, aromatherapy candles, and joint supplements are all great options for the seniors in your life.

If the senior in your life has trouble finding motivation for exercise, you might want to buy them a new pair of sneakers. Having a new pair of shoes will make it easier for them to get outside for walks in the neighborhood or even a hike in a nearby forest. Exercise doesn’t have to be vigorous to be beneficial, and a new pair of shoes will help encourage them to get outside.

Healthy eating gifts

Some seniors find it laborious to make healthy food at every meal, but a juicer or blender can make it easier to get vital fruits and veggies into their diet. There are many juice blends that can be incredible for health, but it’s important to know what juices to avoid. Some green juices can interact with medications, but safe juice options include carrots, apples, pears, and oranges. One great way to balance out the sugar is to blend the juice with protein powder.

Self-care gifts

One aspect of health and wellness includes stress relief, so consider a relaxation-promoting gift for your senior. A few options include an aromatherapy candle, a new teapot with a collection of stress-reducing teas, or a massage tool.

For seniors who have consistent anxiety and sore muscles, a trip to the spa is a great gift. Find a spa that can offer massages tailored for seniors, and ensure that they can offer safe options for people who may be at risk for COVID-19.

Supplement gifts

If your senior deals with mobility issues or consistent joint pain, a joint supplement is a great gift idea. Joint supplements can help seniors get exercise without experiencing debilitating pain, which will also help improve their mood. Supplements can even be taken for preventative health—active seniors often take daily joint supplements to keep their bodies moving throughout their later years. Be sure to research ingredients and reviews before buying.

Along with a joint supplement, a daily multivitamin is great for seniors. While many essential vitamins can be obtained through healthy eating, it’s hard to maintain a perfectly crafted diet that can fulfill every vitamin requirement. A multivitamin will help promote health on a daily basis and will be a great preventative health measure.

If you’re getting your senior some supplements, a new medication/vitamin dispenser is a great gift to include. Remembering to take pills can be hard for everyone, but having a dispenser that stays in plain sight will help seniors stay on top of their daily vitamins. An automatic pill dispenser is even better. If it’s on a timer, your senior can tailor it to their routine so they never miss their medication.

Getting gifts for the seniors in your life is a great idea, but be sure to consider gifts that promote health and wellness. New sneakers, a juicer, or a daily joint supplement can all be great gifts that help encourage and promote well-being. Just be sure to have your senior check with their physician before taking new vitamins or supplements.

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